How I was saved and called by God to make aliyah (Part 1)


Knowing that many Jewish people may read this article, I have decided to write my story on how I was saved, and later why I made aliyah to Israel in 1995. I write this especially for the many unsaved Jewish people, to share how I, as an American Jew came to know Yeshua as the real Messiah and my Savior when I was 29. I am now age 75, and I have lived in Jerusalem since 1998.

My parents were both first generation American Jews born from Russian Jewish parents. Neither of my parents believed in God. God was never mentioned in my home, nor the name Jesus except as a curse word. A few times while I was growing up my parents would take us four children to different relatives homes to have a Passover seder. As a secular Jew growing up in Chicago, I knew almost nothing about my Jewish history or about Jewish religion.

Then in the spring of 1973 at age 29, I picked a Bible for the first time in my life, and I took it home to read. I began reading from Genesis. Suddenly a Scripture came alive off the pages of that Bible into my heart with the most wonderful and incredible love of God, like an ocean of love. And I just cried, and cried, and cried. I had never experienced such love like this in all my whole life. And so I couldn’t put that Bible down, and continued reading it day and night. After a while of having these wonderful daily experiences of divine love, I knew it was God from Heaven who was making His Words of Scripture come alive from off the pages of that bible and into my heart with this divine love. And this experience of those Scriptures coming alive with Love kept on continuing every day. Those Scriptures which came alive from the Bible pages with God’s Love were all the Old Covenant Messianic Scripture prophesies about the coming Messiah of Israel.  

And this experience of God’s divine Love happening to me continued for the next three months. And during that time I lived and walked in a most wonderful and amazing dimension not of this world, that seemed like ecstasy, perhaps something of Heaven.

It was only the God of Israel who made those Scriptures about our Messiah come alive from off the pages of the Bible, and into my heart with His divine Love every day for about three months.

Later during that time God directed me to also begin reading the first four books of the New Covenant … Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I soon discovered that Jesus, Yeshua, in the New Covenant is the One who is the fulfillment of all those Messianic prophetic Scripture prophesies of the Old Covenant which had come alive with God’s wonderful divine Love. And then I gave my life to Yeshua, repenting of all my sins, and was saved by God’s Word and by His Holy Spirit in 1973.

One day, later during those three months, Yeshua spoke to me, as He planted three divine Living Words deep into my soul, while  I was reading from the 21st Chapter of the book of John. Yeshua said to me, “Feed My Sheep!” And I said to Him, “Yes, Lord!” (John 21:17)

My life was changed forever, never to be the same.

It was the God of Israel who made His Words come alive from the Bible concerning His promised Messiah, Yeshua, proving to me, and also to thousands of other Jews that Yeshua is truly God’s Messiah, the Savior of our Jewish people. The Israeli government has passed unrighteous laws to deny to many Jews who believe in Yeshua their God given rights to make aliyah, to return to Israel, God’s promised Land. What can we do to change this situation?

The Israeli government has closely followed Orthodox religious Jews, who deny their Messiah Yeshua, and have left the Tanakh as their main study, instead primarily studying an Oral Law. Religious Jews believe that God gave Moses both the divine written Word and also a divine Oral Law at Mount Sinai. But God’s written Word in the Tanakh explicitly commands not changing God’s written Word. So many Israeli’s have become deceived by Jewish oral religious tradition, and have left the Word of God, putting their primary focus on an Oral Law. Therefore is it not surprising that Israeli Orthodox religious Jews cannot see, or perhaps even refuse to see Yeshua as their true Messiah and Savior, found repeatedly in their Hebrew Holy Scriptures.

Rejecting God’s written Word will blind you from seeing Truth.

I have found over 225 places in the Tahakh where our Jewish Messiah can easily be seen in the prophesies. What can be done to help our Jewish people see the Truth about their Jewish Messiah?

After I got my Israeli citizenship in 1995, and made Aliyah, and moved to Israel in 1998, one day the Holy Spirit directed me  to take those many Messianic Scriptures that God had made come alive with Love off the pages of the Bible, and put them into little 12 page brochures. The first one was done in English, using the top 70 most important Old Covenant prophetic Scriptures about the Messiah. These brochures were made to be freely handed out. The next was done in Hebrew, using the 86 most important Messianic Scriptures taken from the Jewish Orthodox Hebrew Tanakh. These free brochures now go out as handouts to many people in Israel for Israeli’s to just study the Word of God from their own Scriptures. They are now available free in 15 different languages, in the main languages which Jewish people have been returning home to Israel.  

These brochures are now in English, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, Dutch, Ukrainian and now also in Amharic (Ethiopian). These brochures are all available free on my website, to download as PDF files, and to send out to others.

My website is

Also for almost 40 years my hobby has been nature photography, where I take great photos that God has given me, and then combine each photo with the bible Scripture that God has shown me to use.  

God has taught me that this is an excellent way to both help people and also to fight our enemy with God’s Creation and His Holy Word.

There are now over 300 choices of these great Scripture nature photographs that God has given me, in nine different categories on the website, all free to download and send out to others, to help encourage believers in their walk with the Lord. Here are just a few samples of this work.

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