How to Practically Prepare as the End Time Pressure Increases


Failing to Prepare is Preparation to Fail – (Joel Chernoff)

In my last article, I used the above quote as the title for my comment, which was designed to wake us all up to the lateness of the hour that we are living in. I ended it by promising to share my thoughts as how we best prepare ourselves and those dear to us, to endure and be victorious in these challenging times, that according to the words of Yeshua in Matthew 24, are going to be much more challenging in the days ahead. So as promises here is are my thoughts and suggestions:

Since the current Covid-19 pandemic began in early 2020, daily life has changed dramatically for multitudes of people around the World. Lockdowns, mask mandates, and ‘Green Passports’ for entry into public places have made many people in those nations angry, depressed, and have even driven some to suicide. For Believers in Yeshua, many of our congregations have been limited to a small number of people, or completely closed down for weeks or months, preventing us from fellowshiping with each other, whereas the Apostle Paul encourages us to fellowship more as the days get darker. Earning a living, going to school, attending your congregation, and meeting with other brothers and sisters, family and friends may become even more difficult and ultimately impossible in the days ahead us. How do we best prepare for this scenario, when it becomes a reality where we live?

1. Be Prepared Spiritually is the most important thing I can encouraged you to do. We need to have both of our feet firmly anchored on the rock and that rock is Yeshua and the Covenant relationship that His precious blood seals with our Father in Heaven. We need to be so close to Yeshua and through him close to the Father, that He will lead us and guide us by His Holy Spirit. One of my favourite Bible verses is in Daniel 11:32 Those who know their GOD shall be strong and do great exploits. The key in that verse is to Know our GOD and the small still voice of His Ruach.

2.  Be Prepared Emotionally to be able to deal with the emotional stress of our world falling apart around us. If people are falling apart now because they were not able to go to the shopping mall, gym, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, how will they deal emotionally if they can not buy or sell at all (without the accepted mark), and not being able to see their family or friends? How about young mothers of babies and little children, screaming their lungs out because they are starving, with no food in their homes? Again the only answer to that very stressful situation is to know and trust in the LORD will all out hearts and lean not on our own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5-6) Remember that the 3 million Isralites survived 40 years living in the desert, with no supermarkets, or even a corner store in sight. One of the most overlooked miracles in the Bible is that their clothes and sandals did not wear out for all those years. YHVH is able to supply all of our needs if we put our trust in HIM.

3.  Be Prepared Physically ….  Ever since I became a Believer and a student of the End Times, I realised that we all need to maintain a reasonable degree of physical fitness as we may need to walk or even run a long way when things turn nasty, to save our own life or the lives of our family and friends. Or we may need to endure some other physical challenge to survive what lies ahead. I am not talking about becoming Superman or Superwoman, just to keep our amazing God-given bodies in reasonable shape and fitness. That means we need to eat healthy and keep our weight in order (I am preaching to myself here – just started the Keto diet as I need to lose 10kgs)

4. Be Prepared Practically There is a well know saying in English, “GOD helps those who help themselves.” I have not found that in the Bible, but I do believe there is some truth in it. I have seen that working in my own life in several situations where I was praying and asking God to do something practical for me. I did not just pray and then sit back waiting for God to do it, but I took some simple action myself, and God breathed on my simple action and the prayer request was answered. We are most likely not going to be able to fully save ourselves in the days and troubles that we will have to face in the days ahead, but I believe if we do what we can to assist our survival, God will step in (like He did for Israel in the Six-Day War in 1967) and give us the victory.

Here are some practical preparations:

  • a good medical kit and stock of medical supplies in a handy and safe place
  • a sensible supply of non-perishable food and drinking water stored in a handy and safe place,  and some containers of water for washing
  • flashlights and a supply of batteries
  • a battery powered radio to monitor news reports and public notices
  • a backup body waste & trash disposal plan
  • an emergency plan to be able to contact family, friends and people who you are in regular fellowship with – high powered walkie-talkies are a good idea
  • for those in cold climates a source of heating – best option a woodstove if available

 Some other suggestions:

  • a system to generate electricity or to charge rechargeable batteries – perhaps solar or wind powered
  • attend a first aid course
  • if you are Jewish and still living in captivity in the nations, you need an emergency plan to get to Israel
  • if you are not Jewish make plans to assist Jewish people in your area to escape and get to Israel

What I have shared above is specifically relevant to help us survive the End Time scenario that we see in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and the book of Revelation, however much of what I have written also applies to any kind of natural disaster that may strike the area where we live. Storms, fires, earthquakes and even objects from space can hit anywhere, often with out prior warning, giving no time to prepare a survival kit. Remember “Failing to Prepare is Preparation to Fail.” Do not delay – begin your preparations as soon as you can and may the LORD lead you, guide you and supply all of your needs, in the name of Yeshua – AMEN !