Hugs, horses and happy memories for children of single mothers

School is out for the summer!

Though children eagerly look forward to the long lazy days, working parents often struggle, trying to find ways to keep their children cared for and safe for the months when school is no longer in session. For single parents, this is an even greater challenge.

CBN Israel is continually seeking ways to serve the community of single mothers here in the land. This summer, in partnership with Revive Israel, our team helped make it possible to send 23 kids from single parent homes to attend a unique 2-week summer camp, a camp with horses!


8 year-old Danielle is one of the children that attended the horse camp this July.  When Veronica, from the CBN Israel staff came to pay her a visit at the camp it was clear that Danielle was thrilled to be around all the horses.  She ran up and gave Veronica a big hug and was smiling ear to ear as she explained the different activities she was participating in. Veronica stayed and observed how with gentle strokes Danielle brushed the horse and continually looked for ways to give the horse extra hugs.

IMG_8951When Veronica spoke with Danielle’s mother, she shared a sweet story about what the camp had meant to her daughter. “Danielle woke up one morning and said ‘Mom, please give me your phone, I would like to bless Veronica for helping make it possible for me to go to the horse summer camp.’ “

Veronica later received that text message saying, “Hi, this is Danielle, … I wanted to tell you thank you, because it has been so amazing going to the summer camp with the horses, it was because of you that I could have this free opportunity, thank you!”

CBN Israel is thankful to the partnership with Revive which made it possible to send the children of the single mothers we work with to camp this summer!

This article originally appeared on CBN Israel, August 6, 2017, and reposted with permission.

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