Humanitarian aid goes blue and white


It is a privilege to give. Once we experience the joy of giving, a desire springs inside of us to see even children learn and understand how much richer we become when we share what we possess.

For decades many Jews and Christians around the world felt prompted in their hearts to give towards Israel – first to help it grow as a nation making the desert bloom, then also to support those who arrived in the land with not much more than the clothes on their back.

As the young nation was getting re-established in their ancient land, the harsh conditions could have made it what one might call “survival of the fittest”. However, that did not happen.

How was it averted, you may ask? In major part, it was thanks to the camaraderie and generosity of the people – of Israel supporters both in the land and abroad.

Although a lot has changed since the humble beginnings of independent Israel, these great values survived and continue to bear fruit.

Jews and Christians alike continue to give towards worthy projects in Israel that care for those in need.

One organization that plays an important role in this inter-sectorial supply-chain is called the Joseph Project.

This nonprofit humanitarian aid corporation is dedicated to the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel through providing a channel for Jewish and Gentile believers worldwide to demonstrate mercy and love to the people of Israel via humanitarian aid.

The Joseph Project imports a wide variety of practical aid into Israel from charities worldwide and distributes these items to needy families, rehab centers, hospitals, schools and more.

Their excellent operating system proved to be successful. Since the year 2000 the Joseph Project has delivered over $100 million worth of humanitarian aid to tens of thousands of needy Jews and Arabs.

In their dedication to grow and expand, this year the organization took on a new challenge: to cultivate generosity also in their own “backyard”.

Aware of the surplus of goods at successful Israeli companies, the Joseph Project developed a vision for a civil sustainability project where local business owners can support the needy in Israel.

This new initiative, called the Blue and White Project, focuses on receiving donations and contributions from businesses within Israel to pass forward. The goods collected from Israeli manufacturers are distributed among the disadvantaged in the land. The Joseph Project ensures that the supply chain runs smoothly, and by collaborating with the Ministry of Welfare they guarantee that the support reaches the appropriate households.

Through their incredible humanitarian work, the Joseph Project is giving believers worldwide a chance to come together and share the wealth. This opportunity is now extended to Israeli businesses, so together we can demonstrate God’s love to His people.

This article originally appeared on FIRM and is reposted with permission.