Ideas and their consequences: “You may know a tree by its fruit”

“Religion is the opium of the masses”- Karl Marx

Illustration by Elhanan ben-Avraham

In a “Post-Modern” world a new generation has sprung up whose highest values may be defined as ‘equality and diversity’, wherein all ideas are leveled to a subjective and relativistic uniformity, none better or worse than another, but for one’s personal view or feeling about them – especially true regarding religions and gods. They are being swept along in a zeal for their new religion, being a materialistic worldview called Scientism, where science has become the arbiter of all that may be called truth. I would therefore herein attempt a brief analysis of some prevalent ideas that have shaped our world until now.

Karl Marx introduced a set of Ideas to create as it were a kingdom of God without God, where a happy equality of humankind would reign in an earthly heaven. “Religion is the opium of the people (masses),” he insisted. But when Marx’s ideas stretched out from theory into historical reality, they became not the opium but the poison of the people, an atheist and materialist Communist anti-religion destroying the spirit and the body by the millions.

Hitler, it has been erroneously claimed, was a religious man, who “prayed to God.” But no, Hitler was a master propagandist whose occult religion included a Master Race destined to rule the world by force of arms, who used the anti-Jewish writings of Martin Luther to further his demonic cause of eliminating ‘lesser races,’ and brought hell to the world. How one can believe a master liar is beyond belief to me.

And behold the fruits of the multi-gods of Hinduism, who have left stinking poverty and a polluted holy River Ganges, and misery to the masses of India to this day, very long after the British left that unfortunate nation (the same time frame in which Israel, since also abandoned by Britain, produced a strong and prosperous society).

Consider the militant and late-to-arrive (7th century CE) god Allah of Islam with his eternal Jihad as one of the pillars of his faith, bringing bloodshed and misery in its spreading, and poverty and oppression and hatred and fear to this day, warring against everyone and even themselves throughout the Middle East and Africa.

The Torah prophesies that Ishmael “shall be a wild donkey of a man, his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers” (Genesis 16:12). If all the Bible were false, this one prophecy would remain historically true. The Islamic religion today represents above 20% of humanity on the planet, and yet has produced a mere handful of Nobel prizes to better the world, including one for Yasser Arafat, the father of modern terrorism. Whereas the Jewish people, today some .5% of humanity, has produced the lion’s share of Nobel prizes in every field of positive contribution to the betterment of humanity. Go figure.

The inherent weakness in Confucianism and Buddhism has led to a poverty in China that would eventually lead to a takeover by materialistic Communism by Mao and his gangs, ‘saviors’ who would bring death and loss of human freedoms, and poverty of spirit to China and much of the Far East, including today’s North Korea.

Consider the gods of ancient Greece and Rome who brought wars and destruction and slavery and unspeakable cruelty to the world, and eventual destruction to those great empires, as did the many gods of Babylon and Egypt.

It is over and against these multiple gods that Israel, a tiny nation of people, were commissioned to serve the revealed YHVH as his witnesses. They were admonished to not serve these gods of gold and silver and stone, but the one living Creator of all the universe. The central revolutionary message of that divinity is based upon one word in Hebrew, one commandment as the foundation of his message: v’ahavta – you shall love: love YHVH and love your neighbor as your self. This command was given into that ancient world of brutal and lascivious gods who brought their brutality and misery to that world. It was a long-term medicine dropped into a festering humanity. One of those Jews, Yeshua (Jesus) carried that same light and message out to the nations that they might have the opportunity to choose between light and darkness, life and death for humanity. Birthed from this Idea was modern science, orphanages, hospitals and universities of modern learning. That light was the light, where freedom of choice was a central element, that would help to shape a foundation that would eventually bring freedom and prosperity to the nation called America, a country begun with the unique view that our rights come from the God of the Bible, not government.

That people of Israel have been opposed by every attempt by most of the above-mentioned empires, only to survive them and watch them fall and perish, and now to remarkably return to the very land from which they were banished for 2000 years, exactly as prophesied by all the Hebrew prophets. And now we face once again the attempt to extinguish that light of the Menorah (which is also the symbol of the re-born State of Israel) by the hordes of Islam and other political enemies.

And yet many of this young Post-Modern generation have joined that camp of those who would attempt to level all things to an equal poverty of mind and spirit and culture, denying any qualitative difference between the Ideas that have shaped the world, doing all they can with their God-given talents and intelligence to deny the existence of the one living Creator, who have been called instead to be a witness to his Light. And to instead enclose and imprison the human mind to a closed universe, without any agent of creation above the world of matter. They choose to create a new society of ‘equality and diversity’ producing a vacuum by decimating the “opium of the people” and filling that vacuum with the “opioids of the people” and other drug addictions and delusions to fill the void that only God can fill with Light.

Considering the long and profound tragedy still occurring on our tiny and beautiful little planet, I find this all very sad, though possibly redeemable.