IDF airstrikes hit 18 terror targets in Gaza Strip

The IDF carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip overnight into Sunday morning, hitting a total of 18 terror targets.

The IDF confirmed its strikes, stating on Sunday morning “In response to the IED (improvised explosion device) that wounded 4 IDF soldiers near the south of the Gaza Strip, IAF fighter jets struck 8 more Hamas military targets near Deir al-Balah, including weapons manufacturing infrastructure. In total, 18 Hamas military objectives were targeted.”

On Saturday, an explosive device was detonated near IDF troops who were adjacent to the border fence in southern Gaza. Gazans took to the border to demonstrate amidst the harsh humanitarian crisis on the border when the explosive went off, injuring four soldiers. The explosive was hid in a flag, as the protestors knew Israel would remove it to avoid riots and crisis. Two of the soldiers are in moderate to severe condition.

The IDF retaliated to the explosion, carrying out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on Hamas targets, as well as hitting two observation points with tank fire.

The IDF reiterated that Hamas, the ruling body of the Gaza Strip, as responsible for the attack. It stated Sunday “Hamas is responsible for the improvised explosive device (IED) that wounded the soldiers. Hamas regularly organizes riots and so-called “demonstrations” along the security fence with Israel. The IED that wounded the four soldiers was placed during the February 16 riot and was attached to a flag. The IDF will continue to hold Hamas accountable for all aggression emanating from the Gaza Strip.”

Following the incident, rockets were fired at Israel from the Strip, the IDF retaliating with strikes on Hamas targets. On Saturday night, the Israel Air Force carried out six strikes on Hamas and terror targets in the Strip, the IDF confirming it destroyed yet another terror tunnel in the Zaytun area and military compounds near Deir El Balah & Khan Yunis.

On Sunday morning, Hamas claimed it targeted Israel Air Force jets using anti-aircraft missiles. It stated in response to the IDF’s missions “The Zionist occupation’s aggression on our people is being carried out with an American cover. This came in the frame of confronting the ongoing Zionist aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip.”

The IDF refused to address the reports.

Amir gave a video update Sunday morning on these events and more. You can find the update below.

This article originally appeared on Behold Israel, February 18, 2018, and reposted with permission.