IDF seeks revisions in military coordination with Russia in Syria

The IDF has approached Russia’s Defense Ministry and requested to revise its military coordination with Russia in Syria. The request comes over a week following Russia’s deployment of its S-300 air defense missile system in Tartus, Syria.

There was no official report of the request, the report released in Russia’s Izvestia. The Russian newspaper reported that Israel requested to develop new procedures, as well as “open-fire rules” to existing coordination between the IDF and Russian military.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the deployment, claiming the “purely defensive system” as “no threat to anyone”.

Israel and Russia agreed to military coordination in Syria in December of 2015. Following a meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Netanyahu clarified that “There is ongoing and continuous military coordination between us” and that “We [Israel] do not accept or owe Russia limitations on our freedom to act.”

In August, Iran deployed its newly purchased S-300 missile system from Russia at its underground nuclear site Fordo. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ claimed the deployment was for protection, claiming then “Our main priority is to protect Iran’s nuclear facilities under any circumstances.”

Earlier this week, Russia’s RIA news agency confirmed it completed its delivery of the S-300 system to Iran.

This article originally appeared on Behold Israel, October 18, 2016, and reposted with permission.