Important lesson from the creation story

The very first time in the Bible that G-D speaks is found in Genesis 1:3, “Then God said, ‘Let there be light!’ and there was light.” With these words, a concept is established that is just as important today as it was on the very first day of creation. This concept has the ability to change our lives and affect everything we do. Every believer wants to be successful with their families, their occupations and especially in their personal ministries. Yet, most believers never pay attention to these words beyond their place in the narrative of the creation story. We all know that every word in the Bible has deeper meaning than the simple context we find them in. Every word is part of many larger contexts within a larger narrative.

In the case of “Let there be light,” these powerful words of creation hold millions of spiritual concepts within them and establish patterns that one could spend every day of their life searching for and still not find and understand them all. One of those concepts provides a pathway for success in every aspect of our lives.

Notice that these first words were spoken before any other creative words were spoken. Before the world became fully formed, G-D knew that light was needed. This same context is brought forward throughout the Bible. For instance, when the Tabernacle was being built, the Menorah was lit before the dedication of the Tabernacle and before sacrifices began to be offered. Thus, light was “turned on” before worship began. In the New Testament, we find in Mathew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before men so they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

Let your light shine. These words carry great value and are more than just the simple words of a worship song. They, as with “Let their be light,” speak to the concept of involving light in our lives. The light isn’t there just so that others might see our works visually, but so that we can have good works that others might see.

We should follow the example of G-D and, before we begin to do anything, we should first turn on the light. Turning on the light not only allows us to see where we are going it also allows us to see what we are doing. We all know that when the blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch. So, having visual clarity or light shining will allow us to avoid pitfalls and tragedy in our lives and ministries.

So, how do we “turn on the lights?” We do so in the same way that G-D did in Genesis. We speak the words. In other words, we pray and ask that the light of
G-D’s Spirit shine upon whatever we are preparing to do. Note that when G-D spoke the words “Let there be light” and there was light, that the light was not from the sun or any other heavenly object, because they had not yet been created. The light spoken into existence came forth from G-D Himself. This is the light we need to pray and ask to shine into our lives. When we do this before we serve in our world, we will be able to see clearly to do those things that we desire to accomplish.

Light shining in our businesses so that we will see stumbling blocks before we come to them or, worse yet, trip over them. Light shinning on our relationships so that we can walk in unity without being separated by obstacles. Light shining on our ministries so that we are not blind sided by the attacks of the enemy that would hinder our effectiveness. In other words, just praying for success isn’t enough, we must start our day saying, “Let there be light.” If we do, we will be able to join G-D in looking at the results of our efforts and say, “It is Good.”