Important Prayer Requests – Israel’s Upcoming Election on March 23rd

Illustrative - ballot box for Israeli elections in 2015 (Photo: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung/Wikimedia Commons)

The current situation in Israel 

I am sure most of our readers are aware that next Tuesday, March 23rd, Israel is set to hold its 4th general election in 2 years, which is a ridiculous state of affairs for a number of reasons. Apart from the fact that the previous 3 elections turned out to be a total waste of time, as they did not produce a clear winner or a solid government, each election has further divided an already polarised nation, the cost to the taxpayers is more than 5 billion shekels (US $1.5 billion). This waste of billions of shekels is criminal considering the thousands of Israeli families who are struggling to feed their children because of losing their job or having to close their business due to the effects of the Covid pandemic.

If Israel ever needed a strong government and a leader who really cares for the well being of the people, it is now. We need a strong leader and a unified government to deal with the growing threat posed to Israel’s existence by the rogue Iranian government. Iran continues to work furiously to develop nuclear weapons, primarily to use against Israel and in the last few weeks Iran attacked an Israeli owned ship, and was most likely behind the massive oil spill that has caused very serious damage to all of Israel’s coastline. Last week someone attacked an Iranian cargo ship. This kind of tit for tat revenge can very quickly lead to a full blown conflict, making it imperative that Israel has a strong government and a very experienced leader who is not afraid to act decisively against anyone who means to do harm to the country or its citizens.

Israel’s protection is not just a political issue, it is a Kingdom issue because the return of Yeshua to set up the Kingdom on the Earth is dependent upon Israel’s existence. If we want to truly see the Lord return, we must stand with Israel and the Jewish people, politically and spiritually, in prayer and intercession.

Israel continues to face serious social and medical challenges over the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused the death of more than 6000 Israelis since this time last year, and the mass vaccination program that has made Israel the world leader for the number of people vaccinated, and the test nation for the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine. While many world leaders are praising PM Netanyahu for the way he has managed the Covid crisis, many in Israel are accusing him of volunteering the citizens of Israel to be guinea pigs, without our permission. The Israeli government is even being accused of contravening the Nuremberg convention which declared that forcing or manipulating people to be used for medical experiments to be against international law. All of the Covid vaccines are only approved as experimental treatments to be used for emergency use only. This means that legally, no government can force its citizen to take the vaccine. Israel needs a prime minister and a government that is wise and dedicated to caring for the well being of the people’s health.

As Israel heads towards the 4th election in 2 years, the political situation is in total chaos, and heading for the same result as the the previous 3 elections. PM Netanyahu’s Likud party will win the most seats on the day, but may not be able to format a coalition government with the 61 seats needed to be a majority government, able to function and lead the country towards the soon coming Messianic kingdom.

Our suggestions on how / what to pray 

* Pray that the LORD will be sovereign over this election and that He will direct the hand of the voters to select the candidates of His choice
* Pray that the election will produce a strong unified government that will last for the full term
* Pray that the new government will be strong in the way it deals with the threat from Iran
* Pray that the new government will have greater wisdom and integrity in dealing with the Covid virus and the vaccination program

Praying for the Salvation of the Jewish people

Passover is the perfect even to pray for the revelation of the Lamb of GOD and the redeeming power of His precious blood.

One of the main elements of the Passover celebration is the Yachas or Unity in English. This is the 3 sheets of unleavened bread (Matzah) that is in the middle of the table setting. The flat Matzah bread is striped, bruised and pierced, a perfect picture of what happened to Yeshua on the day of the crucifixion. During the Passover ceremony the middle sheet is taken out, broken in half, wrapped in a white cloth and hidden away (for the children to find and win a prize). This piece of Matzah is called the Afikomen and the rabbis teach that the Afikomen represents the Messiah. A few years ago I learnt that Afikomen is a Greek word, the only Greek word in a Hebrew ceremony, means I have come. For 2000 years the Jewish people have been unknowingly declaring that the Messiah has already come. It is time for their eyes to be opened.

Suggested Passover prayer point – when Yeshua was on the road to Emmaus with the disciples they did not recognise Him until He prayed and broke the bread.

*  Pray that as the Afikomen is broken during the Passover ceremony, the LORD will open the eyes of multitudes of  Jewish people to recognise that Yeshua is the Messiah

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries and is reposted with permission.