Important update from Messianic Pastor Eddie Santoro, recovering from surgery

First of all we want to thank each one of you for the amazing outpouring of love and support we have received from you since this last battle started two weeks ago. It has been an deep source of encouragement and life for us.

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, I was scheduled for surgery due to another life threatening outbreak of cancer in my brain. We had to come to the hospital on Monday to be admitted. We opened our house on Saturday and Sunday and received all those who wanted to come and be with us and pray. So many came and it was an profound declaration of love which strengthened us for the day to come. We arrived at the hospital on Monday morning and God, in his mercy and grace met us at every step.

To make a complex story simple, when I went to check in at the hospital there was something incorrect on a certain form. We had to go up to the business office to straighten out the confusion and was taken care of by Yuval, a 52 year-old Hebrew-speaking Israeli. After we did the paper work, we began to share the great salvation we have in Yeshua. He saw light and love pouring out of our hearts and he opened up his heart to us. He wanted what he saw! I asked him if he was ready to pray to receive Yeshua and he said yes! Right there, in the office with many people around him, we prayed! It was deep and special and real. We gave him a New Testament in Hebrew, got his contact information and went on our way to the neurosurgery unit to check in. And even though we were heading for one of the most difficult events we have ever been through, our hearts were filled with joy!

With that joy flowing out of us, we had wonderful conversations with several other people about the Lord in the waiting room, even praying for one woman before her surgery. And to add to our already full heart, we met a young resident doctor who had been part of the surgical team for my first surgery in 2015 and it turns out he is a born again believer from Mexico! We all joined hands and prayed together for the upcoming surgery. It was an amazing few hours and we felt so strongly the anointing and presence of God.

The surgery started at 8:15 Tuesday morning. Once again, we had a large team of people in the waiting room praying and interceding. After more than 5 hours, the surgeon came out and said that the operation went very well and that he was very pleased with the results. I woke up immediately after the surgery and to everyone’s joy, I was able to speak and relate with no problems, but after a few hours, the situation deteriorated and I lost the ability to form sentences. Tests revealed that there was some swelling in the brain but the doctor anticipated that it would resolve itself quickly. Prayers went out immediately and the swelling did recede and I began to speak on Wednesday. By Thursday, they released me from intensive care to the general unit and on Friday morning, I was released and sent home. Hallelujah!!!

My condition is improving steadily. I will return to the doctor on Sunday to have the stitches removed from my head and a few days after that I will meet with my oncologist.

In the natural, my condition is very grave. This is the second attack of brain cancer in 32 months. According to the doctors, there is no cure for this cancer and it will return. Once again, I want to stand with the promises of the Lord and not receive the report of the doctors. God is still a God of miracles and we are requesting one! The surgeon, in a meeting with Jackie and my son, said that I had exceeded all statistics the first time. How much more the second time!

God has spoken to me and said that this time is to be a time of rest for me. He told me that my brothers and sisters are the ones who are to fight on my behalf and to hold up my arms. So we are turning to you and asking for your continuing prayers of faith for me. Please pray for removal and destruction of all cancer in my body. Pray that it will not return! Please join us in praying for restoration of my brain from this surgery, including memory, vocabulary and clear thinking processes. Please pray also for the doctors that they will have wisdom in choosing the right treatment for me.

This is a difficult battle and even more so since it came back. But the word of the Lord has not changed! If God is for me who can be against me? Greater is he that is in me than he in the world. He has healed me from all my diseases. I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord. I choose life!

I believe that God has much for me to do and we declare the victory of the Lord in my life. We thank you for standing with us, interceding for us in faith and praying with love. As the scripture says “To live in Messiah and to die is gain.” I am not fearful but am trusting in God. I can not lose either way, but the passion of my heart is to continue for a longer season on this earth. I have much to share, many to encourage and I want to see many come to salvation with signs and wonders manifest!

We bless you and thank you with all of our hearts.

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, April 17, 2018, and reposted with permission.