Imprints in the lives of those around us

I like to share something ,which I believe the Holy Spirit showed me to encourage us all to live a sanctified life.

I was praying for some people, and started to think how so few of our witnessing to people had an effect. I even started to complain to the Lord about this. Then I sensed the Holy Spirit showing me that it is not necessarily our words that speak, but mostly our being there in people’s lives and living before them that makes “imprints” in their memory box and in their lives.

I remembered then that new Believers often testify about how other Believers were saying this or doing that to them, before they believed. Those were imprints from God through these Believers into their lives, to draw them.

This also reminded me how one day I was weeding in my front garden, and my neighbor called from across the street without me having talked to him: “You don’t have to talk to me about God, I am watching your life!”

This revelation puts an awesome responsibility on us to live our life’s to honor God and His Word, so it will draw people around us to Him by leaving “Imprints.”

The Bible calls it the “fragrance of Messiah” 2 Cor 2:15.

One day we will not be here any longer, and those coming to faith during the big tribulation might need to only lean on these “Imprints” in their memory box. This means in every action, at home or in traffic, in shops, at work or in school, how we act , react, and live, should be a testimony to our Lord.