In memory of Labib Madanat, a prominent Arab Evangelical leader who was committed to serving both his Muslim and Jewish neighbors

In memory of Labib Madanat, a faithful servant of the Lord who was committed to serving both his Muslim and Jewish neighbors

Last week, Labib Madanat, a Senior Middle East Advisor for the American Bible Society, suddenly passed away from a heart attack.

Labib was born to Jordanian parents serving with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in Jerusalem. You can read more about him here.

Howard Bass, congregational leader of Nachalat Yeshua (Yeshua’s Inheritance) in Beer Sheva, Israel, shared about his personal relationship with Labib in a comment on another post.

We decided, with Howard’s permission, to post his comment here as it’s a testimony of Labib’s legacy and how God used him to impact those around him.

Labib was a very special brother to me in the Lord. I had known him for many years through mutual association with the C&MA that he served with.

When our son had to go into Gaza in Israel’s war against Hamas the first time in 2008/9, it deeply affected Labib to know that another believer, and from the Israel Jewish side, was in combat against his brethren in the flesh. It caused him to take the matter to God as to whether our son was his enemy, or his brother. He accepted that our son is his brother, and then Labib and I went to Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva to visit injured Israeli soldiers, and their families in the halls, to give them flowers and to tell them who he is as a Palestinian, a Jordanian, and a believer in Jesus, and because of Jesus he loved them and asked for their forgiveness.

This was a very emotionally moving time for me, and for those Israeli Jewish families whose sons were sometimes fighting for their lives from the war. I needed sometimes to convince them of Labib’s sincerity, because it was hard for them to digest. Labib was a man of God, a faithful and humble servant of the Lord, a disciple of Jesus/Yeshua/Yasua, who brought honor to His name, and to our heavenly Father. He will be missed. We will see him again later.