In Memory of Linda Graham

One generation passes and another takes its place. Often we are unaware of the debt we owe to those who preceded us, who by their sacrifice, their loving dedication and their courage paved for us the path we now walk.

Yesterday, January 12, 2016, Linda Graham went to her reward. She and her late husband, Warren, were the founders of the children and youth work and the summer and vacation camps. They left the USA, their homeland, when they were young and the State of Israel was even younger. For years they faithfully and humbly served from their home in Beer Sheba both the small local church that gathered around them and the whole Body of Christ by way of the children and youth camps which they initiated. Later they moved to Jerusalem and submitted their work to the local Messianic Assembly and worked for many decades alongside Victor Smadja, whose memory is sweet. Scores if not hundreds of our church members are such today by virtue of the work of God in their hearts through this faithful service. Many matured in the Lord and were trained to serve through the humble personal example Warren and Linda set and through the training their received in the children and youth conferences and camps.

In the last years of their lives the Grahams lived in the US, forgotten. Warren passed away and Linda moved into the live with family members, bravely combatting cancer. Yesterday she was given a crown none can take from her. May her memory ever be blessed by us, who are her debtors.

Sincere thanks are due to her family for giving us their parents so generously. May all the comforts of the Gospel be theirs. It would be a suitable gesture and appreciation and gratitude to hold a commemorative service for them both.