In Search of Pentecost: A Night of Worship and Prayer

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

On Saturday night, June 11, 2016, at the facilities of Revive Israel in Yad HaShmona, dozens gathered through the night in worship and prayer for revival in Israel and the Nations. Kehila News Israel (KNI) followed up with the Director of Revive Israel, Youval Yanay, to ask what the ministry is up to anyway.

“This Shavuot was the fifth year that we do prayer and fasting all night. We believe this is what went on at the Temple in Acts 2 – the disciples and apostles prayed through the night, and in the morning the Holy Spirit descended upon them. We are praying for the Spirit to fall upon all flesh, just as it is prophesied in Joel 2.”

The worship night was divided into two hour watches, each led by different worship leaders and teams, including an Arabic watch. The event was broadcast on the web to hundreds of viewers around the world from Tahiti to Russia. Viewers included individuals or and groups of people gathered together to participate. This event is similar to the Esther Fast prayer event Revive Israel hosts during the day at the time of Purim. How does this fit the vision and mission of Revive Israel as an organization?

“Revive Israel is an apostolic ministry team. Our calling and vision is to advance the Kingdom of Yeshua with our Israeli team. We operate in three fields: evangelism, particularly to Israelis in Hebrew; strengthening the Kehila, the body of Messiah in Israel; and teaching the Nations.”

Their efforts of evangelism include supporting several individual evangelists with finances and manpower for activities, and investing in, a website streaming content 24/7. It is geared for Hebrew-speaking Israeli in their 20’s and 30’s, who are seeking for spirituality and meaning and have not brushed off the idea of Jesus. The channel is a platform for anyone to get their material out, as long as it is high quality evangelistic material in Hebrew. The project is actually independent with a board of its own, and is geared to bring unity and cooperation, which leads us to the second category.

Strengthening the body means directly overseeing three particular congregations, while contributing financially to others. They also organize inter congregational functions, such as conferences and holiday retreats, namely Yom Kippur at Yad HaShmona. The staff itself is made up of 22 people from seven different congregations

Teaching the Nations is done primarily through different forms of media. On top of that, hundreds of visitors from around the world reach the Revive Israel ministry center to pray and worship. However, the most important outlet is a weekly email update, which is translated into 16 languages.

“One of things we teach about is loyalty and covenantal values. You see around the world in the Church a lack of loyalty. This connects to an understanding of the Bible, because if you perceive that God’s covenant with Israel is done with then there is no need for covenant loyalty.”

When asked about the relationship between Revive Israel and Yad HaShmona, Youval clarified that there is no legal connection involved except renting; yet many of the staff are members and there is a growing relationship with the moshav.