Incredible beyond report: Update from Pastor Santoro


Today was a good day! Early this morning we went to our appointment with the oncologist to receive the report on last week’s MRI. Praise God, for the first time in the past six months, he announced that there was no visible cancer showing on the MRI! Hallelujah! 

As always though, the doctor was quick to remind us that the the cancer is still there though not visible and will no doubt return one day. But we say “no!” Let God’s word be true! In addition, in the natural, there have been some negative side effects from all that I have walked through these last three years- from radiation, surgery and various treatments.  After much discussion, we have decided to continue but reduce the treatment from every two weeks to once every three weeks.

Overall, we are so grateful to God for the good report and believe with all our hearts that our God will give me all that I need as I continue down this path of total healing. He is the God who restores and redeems and we are confident that he will do much more than we can imagine or hope for!

Receiving Prayer

Along with our overflowing gratefulness to God is an overflowing “Thank You” to each one of you. We know and believe with all of our hearts that you are a tool in God’s hands. We believe it is God’s will to heal us all and we thank you for your willingness to intercede on our behalf so that his will be accomplished. Keep praying, keep believing and together we will all see the wonder of our God manifest in all of our lives.

Hospital visits

As always, we continue to share the Lord and his love with whomever we can while receiving treatment in the hospital. This last time, we were sitting opposite an Israeli woman and we started speaking to her. At some point I mentioned that we were believers in Yeshua and it turned out that she knew our dear friends who lived in the same town as she did!  And she met our friends through another friend of hers who happened to be a believer. And to top it off, she mentioned where she worked and it turns out that one of our other friends works there also!  We had a blessed conversation with her and know that as one plants and another waters, God will bring the increase!

Israel is so ripe but the opposition is fierce. Please pray that the resistance will be broken down. God has given us weapons that are not carnal but mighty in the spirit to tear down strongholds. Let us use these weapons and open hearts to receive their Messiah!

Sharing Yeshua At the Hospital

Pray for Israel

It has been an intense time here in Israel. This morning alone there have been over twenty attacks on southern towns near Gaza. In addition to the missiles, incendiary and explosive balloons are still being sent over the border, landing as far as Bet Shemesh which is near where we live. There have been riots on the border with attempts to storm the border fence and Palestinians and Israelis getting killed as a result. Gaza is in a desperate situation economically. Unemployment is soaring, poverty is overwhelming and Hamas determined to carry on these ongoing attacks on Israel in order to provoke Israel to respond harshly and thus gain some favorable international response. As the attacks continue, Israel appears to be seriously considering military action.

Please stand with us in prayer. Even today military leaders are meeting together and trying to set a workable plan for this nation that will ensure long term quiet.  Join us in declaring that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed by God. Pray that the plans of the enemy to destroy us will result in their destruction!

Please pray for revival in the Gaza Strip. These people so need the love of Yeshua to melt their hearts. And only the Prince of Peace can bring forth the true peace we all want.

Ahavat Yeshua
The congregation is overflowing in numbers. As it grows, develops and matures, we need to be flexible to adjust to needed changes. Please pray that we would have wisdom to know how to move forward in this complex city of Jerusalem and to bring in the fruit that is waiting to be harvested!

We have had several births in just one week and more on the way. We praise God for this fruitfulness.  We see these births as a sign of health and blessing. Please pray for all these young growing families that they would prosper in this land and all their needs would be supplied.

Along with the increasing number of children in our congregation is the tremendous need for teachers in our Shabbat school program. It is such an important task! Please pray fresh blessing on those who are serving so faithfully and for new and dedicated teachers to come forward to help.

God is so good and we sense so much advancement in the spirit in these days. There was a lot of press coverage on the events during Succoth and the thousands of believers who came to the Land made a good impression! The love for Israel shown forth and no doubt touched many Israeli hearts. There was much worship that was lifted up, the name of Yeshua was proclaimed and we look forward to seeing the results of all that transpired in the spirit. The gospel is going forth and it will produce fruit!

Feast of Tabernacles – ICEJ Jerusalem 

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, October 16, 2018, and reposted with permission.