Intercessory dentistry

This morning I brought my husband Richard to the ER with chest pain.  Since he’s already had 3 heart attacks in the past, we’ve learned to take his chest pain seriously.  

Meanwhile I made an appointment at the dentist for pain that’s been increasing in one tooth, thinking it was a simple cavity.  Instead I ended up getting an emergency root canal!  

Thank G-d we’re both home now with no heart attack but something very strange happened at the dentist’s office.

When the dentist took an x-ray he saw that the problem was under a place that already had a crown and because it obstructed his view, he couldn’t see if there was any infection, so he had to remove the crown. 

Now lately I’ve been in somewhat of a fog, spirituality. But today after almost half an hour of banging on that tooth to remove my crown, I heard the L-rd ask if I was paying attention now, so I answered yes. Now our G-d is not cruel as some people presume, but He does expect His followers to listen when He is speaking, and lately, I have not been listening very well. 

So as the pounding continued on my tooth to remove that crown, I suddenly felt led to intercede for our political leaders. And I saw Benyamin Netanyahu holding onto his crown tightly, but he wasn’t alone. All the other Israeli politicians were holding on to their crowns too and none of them intended to let go. Meanwhile an infection has been brewing in the root.

So after half an hour with the hammer and chisel experience on my tooth, my dentist asked for permission to break my crown.  And then I suddenly knew that my prayers were right on target. So I gave him permission but then he said he wanted to try one more time to remove it. But I knew with certainty that there was no way he was going to be able to remove that crown and that it had to be broken.  However, he tried again to remove it with all his strength, but after the same results over and over, he proceeded to saw my crown in half.

And so it is with the elections. I sense the L-rd saying that He is going to have to do what happened to me today, so watch and wait – unique events and things we’ve never seen before are coming soon in order to get the attention of our leaders. The L-rd is going to have to saw their crowns in half and remove them by His power and this won’t happen by the strength of anyone’s hand but it will be from the hand of G-d.

It seemed to me that the L-rd was longing for a leader like Moses with whom He could speak face to face.  I also noticed that my dentist stammered when he spoke…