International lawmakers from 17 countries denounce UNESCO resolution, sign declaration in Jerusalem

Nineteen members of parliament (MP’s) from over 17 countries signed a declaration rejecting UNESCO’s resolution passed last week that denies Jewish heritage and history to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Thursday.

The MP’s visiting Jerusalem for the 5th Israel Allies Foundation Conference sponsored by the International Christian Embassy are from Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malawi, the Netherland, Portugal, Slovakia, South African, Spain, Switzerland and Uruguay.

The declaration proclaims support for Jerusalem as the capital city of the State of Israel, and commits to working ”toward the international recognition of Jerusalem, as the undivided, eternal capital of the State of Israel.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu has referred to the resolution as “delusional” stating “Even if they do not read the Bible, I would suggest that UNESCO members visit the Arch of Titus in Rome. On it one can see what the Romans brought back to Rome after they destroyed and looted the Second Temple on the Temple Mount 2,000 years ago. There, engraved on the Arch of Titus, is the seven-branched menorah that is the symbol of the Jewish People and, I remind you, is also the symbol of the Jewish state today. Soon, UNESCO will say that the Emperor Titus engaged in Zionist propaganda… UNESCO has lost what little legitimacy it had left. But I believe that historical truth is stronger and that truth will prevail. And today we are dealing with the truth.”

This article originally appeared on Behold Israel, October 21, 2016, and reposted with permission.