Interview with Chad Holland: New Senior Pastor of King of Kings Community, Jerusalem

Together with his wife Rebecca and their three children, Chad Holland made Aliyah in 2014 from Tennessee. In ministry since 1997, Chad had been serving as senior leader of the Brit Hadasha Synagogue in Memphis. The Holland family now lives in Mevasseret Tzion, where the children attend Hebrew speaking school and Rebecca serves as social media and children’s director for King of Kings.

How did you come to be a part of King of Kings?

I first met Wayne Hilsden, co-founder of King of Kings, on a visit to Israel in 2011. I had been invited to meet him and other leaders in Jerusalem. Wayne and I had a good connection at this meeting, and we kept in touch by email and phone.

Chad with his family
Chad with his family

Wayne had family in Tennessee and he would stop by to attend our services and have lunch or dinner with us when visiting. By this time our Aliyah paperwork was complete and we knew we would be moving to Israel. I was leading the Brit Hadasha synagogue in Memphis and we were waiting on God’s timing to come over.  

When it was time for us to move here we were asked to join the pastoral team. We were glad to join such a team and we hit the ground running!  I was then invited to take the role of Senior Pastor.

How has it been to take the role of Wayne who founded and has led King of Kings for such a long time?

That is a good question! Wayne is such an impressive guy on many levels. He has a wonderful marriage and family. He has a pastor’s heart.  He has a visionary nature, and the Lord has worked through him in a powerfully profound way in the King of Kings community for 32 years.

At the same time I want to acknowledge the quality pastoral team that has worked closely with Wayne (and me) in complete unity. Pastor Veikko Nuoraho and his wife Ulla oversee discipleship classes, the Manna Kitchen and the distribution center among many other things; Pastor Kurt Vetterling and his wife Maggie work with young adults, administration and small groups amongst other things. Oded and Sandy Shoshani lead the Hebrew speaking King of Kings congregation. Because of the unity and integrity of Wayne and these leaders, the transition process has been pleasant and we anticipate that it will continue smoothly.

Transition Ceremony in which Chad was installed as Head Pastor
Transition Ceremony in which Chad was installed as Senior Pastor

What are your goals or hopes for the future of the King of Kings community?

I do want to continue the work of planting new congregations and to develop our Manna Kitchen, serving food to the poor.

Two other community building efforts are especially close to my heart, that I was able to be a catalyst for. One is our setting up of community groups around the city, and the other is the launching of the Israel Academy of Ministry (IAM).

What are the community groups?

The project began in January 2015 and we now have 14 healthy small groups for our people to meet in across Jerusalem. Most of the meetings are in people’s homes although some take place at the King of Kings facilities. We have a deep conviction that the early disciples were engaged in local temple or synagogue life, house to house fellowship, serving the poor and breaking bread together.

The leaders of the groups are all trained in pastoral care. Each group has a leader and an assistant. Our vision for the groups is five-fold:

  1. Study and discuss the Scriptures together
  2. Worship together
  3. Pray together
  4. Create intentional times of fellowship
  5. Plan serving community building efforts and outreach activities

We do hope to increase the number of groups as well.

photo of Chad Teaching September 2015What is the Israel Academy of Ministry?

We want to help train leaders in the practical side of ministry with a hands on approach on essential aspects of ministry. We want to partner with other seminaries and Bible colleges. We will be offering intensive week long courses, led by top experts in specific subjects, every other month. We will be hosting the courses at our own facility at King of Kings, but will also work with senior leaders one on one as well as go out to other campuses to help with mentoring and discipleship.

A sample of the IAM course includes: Ministering to Families, Developing Small Groups, Congregational Government and Leadership Accountability, Organizational Finances, Preparing Worship Teams and Media in Ministry.

The launching class runs from October 12-16th from 5-8.30pm in the Celebration Center of the Clal building in Jerusalem, 97 Jaffa Street. The cost is 250 NIS. For further information contact:

A closing thought?

I had been drawn to the King of Kings mission statement. It says: King of Kings Community is called to be a compelling, Messiah-centered, Spirit-empowered, disciple-making community that reveals the true face of Yeshua (Jesus) to Israel and to the nations.

I am excited to be a part of the fulfillment of such a special vision. As the Lord opens new avenues of ministering to the needs of people and opens new opportunities to build His Kingdom, we are excited to walk through those doors together as a leadership team and community.

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