Investing in women’s transformation, Simcha Natan offers coaching, podcasts

Traumatized and alone, a woman who had been in an abusive relationship took her children and left her husband after learning he had been concealing a criminal background. Then, perhaps even more difficult, she had to rebuild her life.

Simcha Natan joined her on this journey and coached her through these trials, helping her find good in the situation, understand what God was teaching her and become joyful again. 

“She went from a bitter, twisted individual to an excited person who is going to use for good all that the enemy meant for evil,” said Natan. “She is now feeling empowered by what she walked through. God trusts her and He can partner with her and use her experiences for His kingdom.”

The woman is now taking the trials she went through and flipping them on their head in order to educate other women who find themselves in similar situations, Natan said.

This is just one example of an amazing testimony that Natan has seen since she launched her coaching program.

“I struggle to call it ‘coaching’ because I don’t like so much the concept of coaching,” Natan told Kehila News. “What I like is investing in people and seeing breakthrough, hope and freedom in their lives.”

Natan’s one-on-one coaching process is new to her repertoire of services and is more personalized than her Dare to Ask courses, where a “tribe” interacts through regular online meetings. In both of these individual and group settings, what helps Natan reach women is her ability to love and accept people.

“I will see you and I will hear you and meet you where you’re at,” Natan said. “And we will work together to find breakthrough.”

Natan encourages participants in her courses that their greatest struggle is usually an indication of their greatest gifting. A key message of hers is focused on character development and being content with an audience of one — the very place she found herself for 15 years.  

“God has spoken to me so clearly, ‘If you’re not content with an audience of one, then you’re not ready for an audience at all,’” Natan said. 

Though Natan has lived in Israel for 10 years, most of her her clients are based overseas and her courses are online.

“My audience is not in Israel and I’m not really known here,” she said. 

Amazingly though, this British-born Israeli has welcomed women from around the world, including Syria and Pakistan, into her Dare to Ask tribes. Some of these women would otherwise would have no access to the Jewish state, but Natan’s message is universal.

“I’m a really big believer that whatever the season and whatever you are walking through, God is good and He will see you through,” she said. “We always fight Him on that, but we need to look at what He is teaching us. We get into a negative spiral of thinking of why are bad things happening to me and we don’t allow ourselves to consider the possibility that God is doing something wonderful.”

While most of the world was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Natan, who lives in Binyamina, also started her new podcast, Stripped Whole. At the time her neighborhood was under construction and schools were closed due to coronavirus closures. 

“Not only were my children home and I had to do home schooling, the road outside was being built,” Natan said. “It was ridiculous. I needed a soundproof room. But I found some quiet slots in the week and locked myself in the room and got it done.”

These obstacles not withstanding, her message comes though clearly. Natan is both encouraging and challenging.

“If you have a gift, the first thing you should be doing is going before God and praying that your character can be developed to a place where it is trustworthy enough to handle your gift,” Natan said on a recent podcast. “God needs to be able to trust you… If you want to impact the kingdom, if you want to be somebody who partners with God and is a mighty weapon in the hand of God, your character is the most important thing, it is eternally valuable.”

If you look at Natan’s website you can be overwhelmed by the myriad of offerings she has going on. From her original music and art to devotionals, coaching on social media for business and design for home environments to 10-day worship tours in Israel, Natan has a lot to offer. But the goal of each service is the same: personal transformation for the individual.

Natan wants to push people into their callings and see them move forward.

“My business failing in all of this is that all of these programs are set up for people to not need me anymore,” Natan said. “It’s about you figuring out with God what He’s got for you and for you to step out into that.”

To learn more about Simcha Natan, visit her website. Her podcast is available here and you can learn more about her coaching services here.