Invitation to join online Global Homecoming Festival

Below is information from our friends in Singapore about an upcoming online event.

2020 has been quite a major year of shaking and opportunity for the church. And we are excited that God has led us to organise a Zoom event that will feature Jesus’ love and grace in the lives of Christians who once identify themselves as LGBTQ+. These are brothers and sisters from all over the world. US, UK, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Malta, Russia, Taiwan, Paraguay just to name a few.

This is more than an event, this will be an epiphany of God’s love. Many in your church will be encouraged, inspired by the faithfulness of these who sought not their will but God’s will in their lives. We will hear also from some who are living with HIV, post-sex op regrets, abuse survivors and how they were graced by God.

Global Home-Coming Festival is a one day gathering of people who are overcoming same-sex attraction from all over the world. It is hosted online over Zoom on December 19, 2020 (Saturday) over 3 sessions throughout the day. All the sessions are different, so please sign up for all.

We are inviting the global church to join us to recognise and celebrate the ongoing victory of our brothers and sisters. This is especially important during the holiday season as many Christians who are struggling with same-sex attraction do feel especially lonely during festive seasons like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Your presence matters. Let’s sound the global clarion call that they are not alone. We are not alone. God is here with us.

Global Homecoming Festival

– Session 1, 19th Dec, 10am to 12pm, Singapore Time (SGT), UTC +8
– Session 2, 19th Dec, 4pm to 6pm, Singapore Time (SGT), UTC +8
– Session 3, 19th Dec, 8pm to 10pm, Singapore Time (SGT), UTC +8

Come witness amazing God-stories, be blessed by the Word for God and worship the One in whom nothing is impossible. The topics covered will include walking with friends with same-sex attractions, testimonies of transgender regrets, living a flourishing life with HIV, embracing the father’s love etc. Join us and be part of the global family that welcomes all who came out, to come home for Christmas.

Not to be missed!

We have invited special speakers. Pastor Elizabeth Woning, (from Bethel Church) a former lesbian, founder of Changed Movement and Equipped to Love will share on Church, Sex & Culture.

Assistant Prof. Poh Lian, a senior consultant in infectious diseases who has worked in outbreak conditions and served on high-level WHO and UN task forces to speak on “The Science, the Stigma and the Salvation relating to HIV.”

James Parker, a former gay, a founding member of the International network for men, Harvester will share the Heart Of Our Father.

David Chang, a TrueLove.Is Story sharer, a volunteer counselor for Choices, a local ministry that reaches out to Christians who struggles with Same Sex Attraction, he will share on the Power Of The Word.

Katy Faust, founder and director of the children’s rights organization, Them Before Us.and she will be speaking on “Them Before Us – Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement”.

I am really excited about this line up!

I hope that you would join us and also help us spread the word around. We trust that God will woo those whom He wants to participate and be blessed.  Translations are available for Chinese, Japan and Spanish.  Do share with your international friends.

Here is the link for registration –