Iran and “The Deal”

David's Sling Weapons System Stunner Missile launch during final milestone test in 2015 (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The blindness of the world towards Iran is unexplainable. Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said Wednesday that “since day one of the endorsement of the JCPOA,” [the Deal (such a deal!) with Iran and the 5+1 countries,] “our different tests have not [been] postponed even for a single day, hour or moment. Rather we have not even felt any doubt about declaring them,” said Dehghan.

Why should he have doubts? You remember what happened with the Deal? First of all, the secret came out that NOBODY HAD SIGNED THE DEAL. Not any of the 5+1 and certainly not Iran. Have you ever heard of an unsigned contract? How about an unsigned treaty? Well, now you have.

At least Iran is doing exactly what should be expected of a country that didn’t sign the Deal. The Persians are boasting loud and clear that they are flaunting the Deal as if it never existed. (I repeat: it doesn’t exist since it was never signed.)

So Iran boasts loudly that they are developing and producing missiles and other military equipment, all “forbidden” by the Deal. (So what?)

Dehghan’s statement came a day after the UN announced Iran had violated a Security Council resolution in its October test of a nuclear-capable ballistic missile. (I wonder what the UN intends to do about it?)

The missile test, carried out on October 11, was hailed by Iran as a great advance in the country’s growing arsenal.

Dehghan said mass production of missiles would be followed by supplies of the weapon to the Iranian military. He forgot to mention Iran’s extended arm Hezbollah and Syria’s Assad.

Of course if you want to read about this stuff, you either have to read the press from Iran – or from Israel. Both of these countries are deeply interested in these advances. Nobody else gives a flip.

The New York Times, etc., etc., etc. are understandably concerned about climate change. They have only so many employees and simply can’t cover everything in the world…

Oh yes, one more thing. The International Atomic Energy Agency – the UN nuclear watchdog, decided they couldn’t really tell whether Iran had been working on nuclear weapons or not. Therefore they closed their investigation so that the way would be clear for Iran to get back all the billions that have been frozen in banks around the world. After all, somebody’s got to pay for those missiles and nuclear development!

This article originally appeared on Maoz Israel Blog, December 20, 2015.

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