Is another Iron Curtain coming down on the Jewish People?

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre (Photo: Kremlin)

I will bring all the house of Israel – all of it… – Ezekiel 36:8-10
I will leave none of them captive in the nations… – Ezekiel 39:28-29
The LORD lives who brought the Children of Israel from every place that He scattered them… Jeremiah 16:14-16

As Josie and I were at the weekly Carmel prayer watch on Tuesday afternoon, news broke that the Kremlin has order the Jewish agency, the Israel based organisation responsible for assisting Jewish people in the nations to make Aliyah (return to the Promised Land), to cease all operations in Russia immediately, effectively trapping the millions of Jews still in Russia. (see news item 1). Immediately we realised that this decision by the Putin government was initiated by the Kingdom of Darkness, which surely must tremble in fear as the Jewish people return to the Promised Land. The number of Jews leaving, and preparing to leave Ukraine and Russia has been dramatically increasing since the outbreak of the Russian war on Ukraine 4 in February. Maybe this has pushed the Devil’s hand on the decision makers in the Kremlin.

In the natural realm the reasons being given to explain the Russian move is that diplomatic relations between Israel and Russia have been steadily deteriorating because of Russia’s displeasure of Israeli military action against Iranian army installations and personnel in Syria. Israel constantly monitors Iranian activity in Syria and neutralises all their attempts to establish a foothold close to the border with Israel. Russian also has significant military interests in Syria, and does not like what Israel does to protect the people who live in and north of Haifa / Mt. Carmel. Israeli / Russian relations have grown even more tense as Israel stood stronger with Ukraine and not in support of the Putin regime’s war.

However in the spiritual realm from where everything emanates, the thing that makes Hell so nervous about the Jewish people leaving the lands of their exile and returning to Israel, is that they know what is written in Acts 3:21 – that Yeshua must remain in Heaven until the prophecies are fulfilled. There are at least another 80 Bible verses in addition to the 2 verses quoted under the title, that speak about the return of the exiled Jewish people in preparation for the return of Yeshua to put the Devil and his servants in the place reserved for them, and for Yeshua to rule and reign as Lord of Lords and King over the Kingdom of YHVH from the throne-room in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.

The closure of the Jewish Agency in Russia may well lead to the full re-establishment of the Iron Curtain. At least for Jews, but maybe for others also. This announcement was met with immediate concern by Israel, and Jewish people in Europe, the UK and the USA should be equally concerned that they may also be hindered from coming home to Israel when things turn nasty for them in the future. The Jews of Europe ignored the ‘fishermen’ prior to the rise of the Nazis and 6 million plus Jewish men, women, children and babies perished between 1939 and 1945.

Almost everything bad that is happening in the world today is connected by the End Times spider web being spun by the Devil and his horde of evil spirits. Interesting that the announcement of the closure of the Jewish agency in Russia came the next day after the terror attack in the Jewish suburb of Chicago during the July 4th US Independence Day holiday, which took the lives of a number of Jewish people- Is GOD trying to get through to the stubborn Jews in the USA and other western nations who prefer to live in ‘Egypt’ rather than in ‘the Promised Land’? As I have been trying to warn everyone over the last few years, things are going to get much worse before they get better. If they do not leave “Egypt’ when the LORD opens the waters, they may find their ‘Golden Curtain’ turning into another ‘Iron Curtain’.

Will you stand with those of us already living in Israel, in praying that the LORD will sound his shofar to wake up His people who are still captives (to comfort) in the nations, and that He will whistle louder to call them home to the land He promised their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. Let’s pray that the GOD of Israel will bring His people home on ‘Eagle’s Wings.’

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries and is reposted with permission.