Is Mankind about to Outsmart Itself?

[Please note: This comment is meant to encourage evangelism.]

As I wrote in a previous comment 2020 was a year of change like no other any of us have seen in our lifetimes. And 2021 is very likely to see even more rapid changes. In the 18th century, the World began to change in ever increasing ways and at an ever increasing pace with the Industrial revolution that was initiated by the invention of steam powered engines. Steam powered machines were able to do the work of many people, resulting in many mechanical and technical advances, and major changes in the way people lived. The downside was that this new steam power created pollution and took the jobs of multitudes of people and robbed them of their only source of income.

Next came the electricity and communication revolution which further advanced machines and technology and made air travel possible, which all brought about many dramatic changes in the way peoples’ lifestyles, and more of that dreaded pollution. This was the 2nd Industrial Revolution, which ultimately led to the 3rd Revolution when computers, and later the internet and mobile telephones came onto the world stage, bringing even more dramatic changes to our lifestyles at a near blinding pace, and again pollution increased.

Now it seems we are entering into what some are now calling “The 4th Industrial Revolution” I don’t have the time or expertise to tell you what that is all about, but this well presented docu-video will shock and stun you, as it did me. I agree with most of what the video claims – that the Covid-19 pandemic, the chaos in the American political scene, the release of 5G communication and the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are not disconnected from each other, and in fact they are all connected toThe 4th Industrial Revolution or The Great Reset or the New World Order that a few ministries (me included) with a focus on the End Times have been writing and speaking about for some time.

I do not need to say a lot more as it is all in the video which I really encourage you to watch to the end, even if you are skeptical of these things. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy fact. There is a plan already in motion by people who see themselves as Elite or better equipped than the rest of us, to shape the world we live in. Of course, even though most do not recognise it, they are servants of the kingdom of darkness and are shaping a very un-Biblical, evil future if they have their way. Just to give you one preview from the video, Elon Musk who is the CEO of Tesla electric cars and has his fingers in many other ‘pies’, is one of the worlds richest, most influential people on the planet today. He is brilliant when it comes to digital technology and one of his projects is to connect human beings to the Internet by implanting a chip into the brain. If that sounds like science fiction to you can find the details on the Internet

I believe that the idea of connecting GOD’s ultimate creation, mankind, to the Internet or to machines is the final straw. It is man wanting to be GOD, and to take His place as they were planning to do t the Tower of Babel, and we all know what happened to Babel’s Tower. As we see in the video, the supersonic speed of computer technology  advancement has brought us to the age of total digital connectedness, and now Artificial Intelligence is leading us to the 4th industrial revolution or Great Reset / NWO.

To finish on a positive note, if the video is only 50% true, it is still very bad, but ….. it should be seen as evidence that Yeshua’s return is getting very close. YHVH brought the original Tower of Babel down before they could attain their goal of reaching and replacing the Creator, and I am sure that this second Tower of Babel, which is not made of bricks, but silicon chips, will meet the same fate as it attempts to attain the same goal. Mankind is about to outsmart itself. We are racing towards the end of the age or should I say the end of the age and the coming of the Kingdom is racing towards us. Maranatha Yeshua!!!

I want to reiterate that the purpose of this comment is to create an urgency for increased evangelism to unsaved family, friends, neighbours, the people we work with and the people that we encounter every day.