[VIDEO] Isaiah 61 Prayer Song to Set the Captives Free #Isaiah61 #SetTheCaptivesFree

A group of Israeli believers gathered from all over the Land, together with believers from the nations, for this song of prayer in the city of Sderot, located approximately one kilometer from the Gaza border.

We invite you to join this prayer song from Isaiah 61:1-3.

Our prayer to God in heaven is to Set the Captives Free or in the Biblical Hebrew — Likro lishvuyim dror — לקרוא לשבוים דרור.

Sign the “I pray #Isaiah61” petition at https://setthecaptivesfree.allisrael.com

The believers gathered on the site of the former police station that was attacked by Hamas terrorists who took the lives of more than thirty policemen and civilians on October 7th. Today, all that remains is a devastated plot of land with twisted rebar protruding from the ground, surrounded by walls still bearing fresh bullet holes, a menorah with memorial candles lit in honor of the victims, and a huge painted mural recalling the tragic events, ensuring that the memory of these horrendous events is never forgotten.

Song: Ruach Adonai Alai – The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me
Music: Tony Sperandeo and Noam Waxman ©1987
Words: Isaiah 61:1-3
Recorded: 61 Herzl St, Sderot, Israel on Feb 26, 2024

Sponsor: Near East Media / All Israel News
Producer: Joseph Magen
Logistics team: Micaël Carter, Tolik Piflaks
Videographers: Anton Chirkov, Dudu Koren, Tania Chirkov
Video editor: Anton Chirkov
Graphic design: Dan Rebeiz
Guitar and Mix: Avi Perrodin
Sound recording: Tairo Arrabal
Audio post production: Yuval Arts Studios
Vocals: Israeli believers from all over the Land, joined together with believers from the nations