ISIS, Iran and Israel

Paul Calvert spoke with Chris Mitchell from CBN News about his book ‘ISIS, Iran and Israel,’ about his experiences as a journalist on the front lines with the Kurdish military, what it was like living in Israel through the Intifada and why he stays living and reporting in the Middle East. 

Paul: What is CBN News?

Chris: CBN News is Christian Broadcasting Network. It’s based in the United States, but it has a bureau here in Jerusalem and one in Washington DC. The headquarters is in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Paul: How many years have you been reporting in Israel?

Chris: I have been here 16 years, almost 17 years. I came in August of 2000.

Paul: Wow, right on the Intifada was it?

Chris: It was right on the Intifada. We came 17th August 2000 and the Intifada began September 28th 2000. So my wife and three children were here for just about five weeks before the Intifada began and that was a pretty challenging period of almost four years, with a lot of suicide bombings, terror attacks and shootings.

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