Islam and racism

Some have said that opposition to radical Islamic terror is akin to racism. That is not logical. Consider:

  1. Islam is a religion, not confined to one ethnic group (Most Muslims are not Arab, many Arabs are not Muslims, some Arabs are Christians…)
  2. Whether Islam is a correct religion and whether or not Muslim extremists are true Muslims is not a legal issue but a theological one.
  3. Whether Islamic extremist ideology has helped to motivate and cause terror is a legal and political issue.
  4. The majority of people who have been murdered by terrorists in the past decade have been murdered by people claiming to be devout Muslims.
  5. All forms of terror are against the law.
  6. Death by terror attack is a form of murder making it a legal issue.
  7. Since the Ten Commandments say not to murder, Islamic extremism is fundamentally in opposition to Judeo-Christian values.
  8. All forms of terror must be opposed, regardless of their ideological background.
  9. Fighting terror is a legal and political responsibility
  10. The Arab Christian communities throughout the Middle East have been horribly decimated by terror. If there has been “genocide” or religious prejudice and persecution, it is first and foremost against the Arab Christian community and secondly against Moderate Muslims.
  11. Estimates of the slaughter in the recent war in Iraq, Syria and surrounding areas have exceeded 500,000 murders. Estimates of those losing their homes have exceeded 10,000,000. The number of women raped and abused is countless. Most of the people who were hurt by Islamic Extremism this decade were Arabs and moderate Muslims. Investigating Islamic extremism is therefore the best way to protect moderate Muslims. If Islamic extremism is causing terror, then the way to stop terror must include opposing Islamic extremism
  12. Most of the radical Islamic terrorist groups are found in the area surrounding Israel on all sides. Although much of the current slaughter has been between different groups of Muslim fanatics, the one issue they all agree upon is their common goal to destroy the nation of Israel. Anti-Zionism therefore is a significant element of Islamic extremist ideology.

This article originally appeared on Revive Israel, February 23, 2017, and reposted with permission.