Israel, a widow?

This is a story about a beautiful lady – a widow I love dearly. She was created beautifully inside and out, nourished with the best kinds of food, blessed with tremendous blessings, studied at the feet of the best teachers. These were all men who believed in God, knew His ways and taught her all they knew. Later she married the best man I have ever met. He loved her dearly, and was even willing to give his life for her.

Things went well for a while in this newlywed’s home, but then she met someone, fell in love and was unfaithful to her husband. However, her precious husband was not going to give up. He continued to bestow his love on her, hoping she’ll return. That she did, but the big hole in her heart, this amazing self destructive drive, was bigger. She left him again, and tried to make it on her own, thinking her lover will fill up that void which she was unable to submit to her loving husband.

At that point, her husband turned his face away from her, after warning her many times that this would happen, although she didn’t really believe him. She was so used to having him around, carrying her, helping, providing. She took his love for granted since she knew that he is a man of integrity, and that he will always love her. She just never realized that because of his great love, he would not force himself on her and eventually let her follow after the desires of her heart.

When people realized she is all by herself, with no one to protect her, they started ridiculing her. Some have misused her and took advantage of her. Others forced themselves on her and controlled her. Gradually she lost all confidence in her beauty, in her rights. She did try to rebel a couple of times, but it ended up in a more miserable condition.

Although she gained some independence through the years, she is still lost today. Yet her pride makes her think that she can make it on her own. I know her husband. He remained faithful to her, and never replaces her with another. He is still waiting for her with outstretched arms, but she does not believes it is real. His loving image has become distorted over the years because of the many lovers she had, and by now, it’s impossible for her to perceive her husband as he truly is.

But… there is hope. This woman has some good friends. For some reason, they have faith in her future. They want to see her restored, and are willing to carry her in their arms, if necessary, until she’ll be able to lift her eyes up to her husband and see him as he really is. However, these friends are few. Most people who know her strongly believe that she deserves her suffering. She brought it all on herself, they say, and she surely does not deserve such a faithful husband.

God promises that women like her, and even women who have been “put away” with a “certificate of divorce” (Isa. 50:1), will not have “to remember the reproach of their widowhood anymore” (54:4).

This article originally appeared on Ot OoMofet Ministries – A Sign and Example, and reposted with permission.