Israel displays new F-35s on Independence Day

Israel displayed its new F-35 stealth fighters during this week’s Independence Day celebrations. In Hebrew the plane is known as Adir – or great one.

Crowds of onlookers lined beaches and city streets to catch a glimpse of the world’s most expensive and sophisticated fighting machine.

As reported by KNI, Israel was the first country to purchase the American jets manufactured by Lockheed Martin, receiving five late last year, with a total of 50 on order.

The flight path started in the south of Israel, working its way north and including Jerusalem as well as the Tel Aviv and Haifa coast line. The winding route was 850 kilometers in length and required complex organisation in order to achieve a coordinated result.

A full range of other aircraft, including F-15s, were also on display on the pleasant Mediterranean spring day. To a backdrop of blue skies and a slight smattering of clouds, the crowds were awed by a series of acrobatic displays.