Israel is real

For the sake of dreamers and theological speculators counting angels on the head of pins, sprouting doctrines of certainty about death and other mysteries unknowable to the living, God has slammed a harsh reality before their faces. In the face of an old Christian (and Islamic) tradition that discounts the Jewish people as God’s own, to be replaced now by Gentile Christians (or Muslims) of the world (or by at least their own particular brand of Christianity), and the Holy Land as irrelevant and passé as all the discarded so-called Old Testament and its prophets and promises to the Jewish people. The Creator who is described by the Prophet Daniel as the one who raises up kings and brings them down (Daniel 2:21) has miraculously, against all the many odds, brought onto the world stage once again, after two thousand years, the living State of Israel. It is a state planted squarely upon the very same piece of real estate where all the Bible stories occurred, the prophets and kings lived, Jesus the Jew (who they apparently forget is called King of the Jews) was crucified and allegedly raised from the dead, and is said will return to this very place on the Mount of Olives. Indeed, it is the same place from which went forth to those theologians the Torah, the Bible, the Word of God (Isaiah 2:3).

“But no,” object those comfortable theologians watching from the upholstered and safe comfort of distant lands, “Israel is naught but a political accident.” It is as if the God they claim as their own has gone to sleep in his old age, no longer involved with the affairs of state or nation or the land He claimed as His own (Deuteronomy 11:12), abandoning history long ago, and now exists only in their own church and in its theological speculations- certainly not in reality. By declaring this return as no miraculous deliverance as was the Exodus, though that entailed wars and rebellions as well, they have made the reality to which the Bible points into a numinous myth.

But this cannot be the same God who opened the Red Sea to allow his firstborn son Israel (Exodus 4:22-23) to cross on their way to the Promised Land. Nor the same God who makes promises and keeps them, who promised by an everlasting covenant the Land of Israel to the Jewish people for a thousand generations (Psalm 105:8-11). Perhaps it is a new kind of God created by the Gentile theologians spawned of earlier virulent anti-Jewish church fathers from Chrysostom to Luther.

It is these same theologians who deny not only Heaven to the Jewish people, but also the earth of their own divine inheritance, and they wonder why Jews do not see their message as Good News, but quite the contrary.

Fortunately, many Christians have now begun to open their eyes to reality, and see the Word become flesh in the re-gathering of the Jewish people from all nations back to their ancient inheritance. Against overwhelming odds and hatred and slander and attempts at annihilation by wars and terror and political intrigue, the Jewish nation amazingly survives and thrives as a tiny Island in a hostile sea of Islam, now seventy years since its re-birth in 1948. And many have recognized the mark of the King’s signet ring of He who created in six days in the war of Six Days in 1967 by which the city of Jerusalem was delivered back into the hands of the Jewish people after two thousand years. It is not a speculation spawned in an ivory tower of theological presumption, but the hot and sweaty reality of life. Just as was Jesus, whose reality was denied by many in his days upon the Earth, in the very same Land of Israel (Matthew 2:20, 21), which is real.