Israeli believers react to US recognition of Jerusalem as capital

The walls of Jerusalem's Old City are projected with video art on May 21, 2017, during the ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem's reunification and the 1967 War. (Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90)

This week the United States became the first nation to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Dec. 6, a bold and unprecedented move.

Following the historic announcement by U.S. President Donald Trump, KNI asked believers from around the country their perspectives on this decision and its implications for their future as citizens of Israel.

Baruch Maoz, The Maoz Web

“The right step at the wrong time.”

Jamie Cowen, attorney

“President Trump’s insistence that formally recognizing Jerusalem could jump start peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians is completely ridiculous. …What is likely to happen, however, is a weakening of relations between Israel and some of the ‘moderate’ Arab nations. …The Arab Street likely will sympathize with their Palestinian brothers and make it almost impossible for Arab governments to maintain relations with Israel.

“In my view strengthening Israel’s defenses and assisting her in making peace with her neighbors, including the Palestinians, is a far better way to support Israel than a proclamation about Jerusalem. Having said that, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and all nations should simply accept it.”

Asher Intrater, Ahavat Yeshua

What do you think of the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? “Very good.”
What does this portend for the immediate future? “Clearer partnership with Israel and the USA; a sign of Jerusalem becoming center of spiritual attention for everyone in the world.”
Are you concerned about violence? “No. I think it will pass in a couple of weeks. By the U.S. president taking a clearer stance, there is actually a better chance long term for peace, although final peace will not happen until Yeshua returns.”

Cookie Schwaeber-Issan, Makor HaTikvah

“Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was a brave move which no previous U.S. president either had the courage of conviction or the fortitude to do. For us who live here, it is a blessing, and that means that a blessing awaits the president. On the flip side, this is the fulfillment of Zechariah 12:3 (“On that day, I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all peoples.”) Jerusalem is a burdensome stone for those who do not believe that she should be recognized as Israel’s capital. It is also an unwanted and bad move for those who believe that this recognition creates an unfair bias, and, finally, for those who are committed to the destruction of Israel, it is unthinkable and detestable. The funny parallel is that it’s almost exactly how Trump is viewed. Half of all Americans are grateful for his presidency and half are committed to ousting him, so maybe it’s fitting that he should be the one to finally make the public declaration!”

Joe Finkelstein, Hasdey Yeshua

“I guess I started out as a ‘doubting Thomas’ considering all the pressure that the President was under from the State Department, international leaders, the press, etc. Needless to say I am thrilled that President Trump had the courage and fortitude to do what former presidents refused to do during their time in office. My prayer is that the Lord will continue to protect and bless him and give him extraordinary wisdom in the days ahead and that he will be a mighty blessing to our nation of Israel.”

Howard Bass, Nachalat Yeshua

“I, for one, would at least like the U.S. recognize Jerusalem as being in Israel, and even her capital. If, for pragmatic reasons they choose not to locate their embassies and personnel there, I can accept that. No question that moving BACK to Jerusalem — since all the nations moved out around 1980 — will fire up a storm. The scriptures do say that all nations will come against Jerusalem, so something must occur to rile them up to that extent.”

Claude Ezagouri, Morning Star Fellowship 

“Jerusalem is biblically proclaimed as the city of the Great King. Now of course many would say that he is the king of the whole world and so he cannot be the king of a single nation. However God allowed the inscriptions on the cross: ‘King of the Jews.’ He is the king of his people, the people of Israel, for the blessing of the nations. So the whole matter depends on whether we agree that the State of Israel is ordained by God according to Is. 66:7-9 or not. These three elements cannot be dissociated: Jerusalem being the city of the Great King, Yeshua being the King of the Jews, and Israel as the Jewish state. If so, it is obvious that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It’s all a question of holding the Bible as God’s word or not.”

Dan Sered, Jews for Jesus

“Jerusalem has been Israel’s capital since the founding of the state. I am glad that the U.S. has now officially recognized this, though our validation does not come from men. The Bible is our authority and there Jerusalem is clearly given as God’s chosen city. …The only hope for peace for the Middle East is found in the Prince of Peace, Yeshua the Messiah who cried over the city of Jerusalem. He longs to gather her to himself. Today, the people of this city, and of Israel, desperately need the Messiah to reign in their lives.”

Chad Holland, King of Kings Ministries

“The challenge will be to wait and see if (Trump) gets re-elected or not. If he gets re-elected, then we would be excited to see this through and bring the embassy to Jerusalem. If he does not get re-elected and a potential opposition candidate becomes president, then my expectations would be much lower that the embassy would actually move. The U.S. has already had on their books for some time that the embassy could move to Jerusalem but U.S. leaders have been hesitant to cause any additional turmoil between Israel and Palestinian leaders.

“Since this understanding has already been in place for years, one must wonder what President Trump’s motive would be to do this. Since Jerusalem is already the capital of Israel and since the U.S. embassy has already proven it can function effectively from another location, his motive must be something different.”

Ron Cantor, Messiah’s Mandate

“I have heard from leftwing congressmen and congresswomen and world leaders throughout the day that this will significantly hurt the ‘peace process.’ WHAT PEACE PROCESS?!? The Palestinians are forming a unity government with Hamas terrorists. They will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state… You can’t damage something that doesn’t exist. … In conclusion, for those of you who are alarmed by the news reports and reactions from around the world, take heart. We are closer than we were before.”

Shira Sorko-Ram, Maoz Ministries
“First I felt tremendous relief – not only for Israel, but also for the U.S. I believe God will bless Trump for this act….Secondly it was clear that we were experiencing a historic day that will go down in the history books. Trump will always be remembered for declaring the 3000-year-old city of Jerusalem to be the capital of the Jewish State.
“I had lived to see Israel become a state, (actually I heard the news on the radio at age 8!) then was alive to see Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria come back in the hands of their rightful owners in 1967 and now witnessing Jerusalem being recognized by the U.S. president. One thing I am sure of: it was America’s evangelicals that counseled and encouraged Trump to make this leap that no other president dared to do.”

Jürgen Bühler, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

“This is a long overdue step which goes to the core of the historic national identity of the Jewish people. Jerusalem holds great historical and religious significance for billions of people of faith all around the world, and as Christians we have to acknowledge that it all began with the Jewish people and their deep spiritual attachment to this city. … Surely, the time has come to end the wholly undeserved diplomatic snubbing of Jerusalem.”

Ray and Sharon Sanders, Christian Friends of Israel

“The world has just experienced yet another key sign relevant to God’s prophetic Word. He is actively fulfilling his Promises to Israel preparing Jerusalem for her future role in world redemption.”

Harvey Blatt, Jerusalem resident

“We think it is about time. There is no such thing as ‘the Palestinian people.’ They invented themselves after losing the 1967 war. And for reasons that are unclear to me the world accepted their invention. They are simply the Arabs who lived on the west side of the Jordan River in 1967. They are not a distinct ethnic group with a literature, culture and background, unlike the Kurds or Armenians for example. They are no more entitled to a separate country than you or I are.”

Midge Blatt, Jerusalem resident

“I am so happy to hear that President Trump is FINALLY acknowledging what almost every breathing Jew and Christian has long known. Jerusalem is the Capital of the Jewish State of Israel given to them by God Almighty himself.”

“Katie,” Jerusalem resident

“After living in Jerusalem for 20 years, anticipation of this announcement of United States officially recognizing Israel’s capital brought some trepidation: Will there be more violence? Once the announcement was made I felt joy that it is the right thing to do. Interesting that it was 70 years and seven days since the UN resolution to recognize Israel was made. That was also the right thing to do.”


“I feel very downcast when I think of the time to come. Announcing the embassy move to Jerusalem and thus “cementing” a statement on the status-quo that has still not been finalized in a peace deal must sound to many Palestinians (Christians and Muslims) like the President is abandoning them and any crush any hopes they might have for their holy city. The violence has already begun with clashes between protesters and soldiers, rockets fired from Gaza and retaliation strikes – and I fear that this will cause more bloodshed and deaths over an empty act of bravado by a man that won’t have to deal with the consequences of his actions on the ground.”