Israeli Cabinet Approves Plan to Build Five New Negev Towns

Judean Desert, Southern Israel, near Masada, descending to the Dead Sea (Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90)

The Prophets of YHVH to Israel foresaw the day when the Negev Desert that is southern Israel will bloom and blossom as a rose, and become regenerated as the Garden of Eden.  (Is 35:1-2; Is 51:1-3)

From the beginning of the reestablishment of the modern State of Israel, her first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, saw that Israel’s future depended on the vibrant settlement of the Negev, which makes up more than 60% of the State’s land.

Until the day that the Word of the LORD comes to pass, there are only glimpses of the potential for the desert to display the power and beauty of God.  There are plans now to further develop the desert with a plan to build five new towns.

All of Israel’s current plans for developing the vast stretches of dry land bring with it many challenges of infrastructure, security, viable and permanent employment options, education for growing children, appropriate social outlets, and suitable housing at affordable prices.