Israeli Messianic believer seeks to transform Indie music culture with ‘healing power of the Holy Spirit’

Adam Rosenfeld is an Indie musician, which means he produces music outside of the mainstream, independent from commercial record labels or their subsidiaries.

What’s unique about Rosenfeld’s approach is that, apart from producing highly creative original music, his goal is to form a ministry that brings together people with a desire to “transform Indie culture worldwide by drawing on the healing power of the Holy Spirit,” he says.

Rosenfeld described his experience attending Indie music festivals and seeing lives transformed by the Holy Spirit showing up.

“We can’t make God show up,” he said during a recent interview, “but we can cultivate an attitude and assume a posture of holiness and of anticipation that He will come. I’m interested in getting people involved in this.”

“I enjoy doing the music,” Rosenfeld said, explaining Indie music as characterized by an autonomous, do-it-yourself approach to recording and publishing.

Adam Rosenfeld (Photo courtesy)

“The best I can do is to use my God-given gifts and talents for making music and doing art.”

Rosenfeld’s latest album, “Now is Golden,” is available through Spotify and other major streaming platforms.”

In addition, the musician provides Instagram under the heading “Beauty.Truth” or via Apple podcasts under “ Har Adonai.”

The teachings, Rosenfeld explained, are an opportunity for him to share his lifelong pursuit of finding and creating beauty and truth, and to assist listeners to find it for themselves. He also described the teachings as a meditation on the value of work, the purpose of art and the meaning of life in the ‘gig’ world.

He hopes to encourage members of the Indie community “to realize that we have the values to bring God’s Kingdom on Earth, to lift up those values that bring His Kingdom by transforming the culture with the help of the Holy Spirit,” he said, adding, “If you transform Indie culture, you are transforming world culture.”

In his webinar, “The Holy Spirit in Indie Music Culture,” Rosenfeld spoke about the Holy Spirit and Indie music culture, including the idea of transcendence.

“I think that all of us really are in pursuit of transcendence in some way. It makes you think of King David in the Bible because one of the things he talked about is that he was created to gaze upon God’s beauty. And that he was created to do something, to see something that we don’t see regularly. So he’s positioning himself to say, ‘I want to see something beyond what is around me, the reality that is around me. I want to transcend the reality that is around me and experience something beyond that, something that I would argue is greater than that.’”

Rosenfeld describes how he started playing with his first Indie group some 20 years ago. There was a song on the album named, “This Is Indie Rock,” by Deep Elm Records. He then toured around the U.S. with his band, “The Pit that Became a Tower,” continuing to perform despite experiencing severe hearing loss.

He has continued to release his music over the years and wants his work to be done in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

He is looking forward to seeing “a kingdom transformation in the culture,” Rosenfeld said, “To partner together to see a real change, which is both his dream and mandate.

“If we read the word of God and we want to do what he would have us do, some people are going to think that we’re self-appointed, that we’re saying, oh, this is my dream and I’m going to follow it. But I don’t have any other way to explain this.”

“This is a mandate that I received from God. You can call it me saying I’m a self-appointed Indie rock prophet or, I don’t know, what do you want to call it? But I’m saying this is the only way,” Rosenfeld added.

During the interview, Rosenfeld admitted that we cannot force the Holy Spirit to do what we want Him to, but we can pursue holiness, we can live lives of holiness, to create: “An environment of anticipation for the Holy Spirit.”

He believes this is not only possible in worship services but in pubs and rock clubs.

Adam Rosenfeld (Photo courtesy)

Early in his career when he was in a punk band, he described the message of music being a message of the Kingdom of God.

“And we saw moments where people were on their knees worshipping in dark rock clubs in Tel Aviv. And I just want to get back there. To be honest with you, I miss it.”

Above all, Rosenfeld wants to be an instrument for the Indie culture to a point of transcendence to heal people’s hearts.

“I want no less than this. I want – through what I’m doing in this sphere – to bring in holiness, anticipation for the Holy Spirit, to have the Holy Spirit come, to bring healing to people’s hearts, to see families, communities and nations healed. That’s what I want to see. This is what we’re talking about.”