Israeli Messianic soldiers form musical duo

Sean Goldberg and Yoni Davis

It all began in their childhood as the two grew up in Messianic homes where music was an integral part of their daily routine. The instruments their families played exposed them to pleasant and unique sounds and so, from a young age they began to play and write their own music.

Meet Yoni Davis, 20, and Sean Goldberg, 19, childhood friends that are now are a musical duo that creates original, high quality, Israeli Messianic music in Hebrew. 

Davis and Goldberg, both currently serving in the IDF, are the creators of “Bain Hakolot” (between the voices or sounds). Their first album, “Broken Tree Branch,” was recently released.

screen-shot-5777-02-07-at-10-57-36-pm-300x182This album is a dream come true for them. In their early teens, they realized they shared a common love for music and decided to team up to produce an album with their original material.

Reaching this goal was not easy. They had one month to finish the recordings between Davis’ high school graduation until Goldberg’s recruitment in the army in August 2015.

After Goldberg’s enlistment, the two were relegated to a race against time, recording only on weekends. Davis, who managed to delay his recruitment to the IDF by a few months, dealt with a lot of the logistics on his own, but even after his recruitment the work continued. When they went home for weekends, they spent hours with a sound technician.

Davis recalled that he had only one hour a day during the basic training where he was allowed to be with his phone. He would listen to the recordings, add notes and corrections and then send it back to the sound technician, Avi Perodin. The duo credit Perodin’s professionalism and flexibility in helping them meet their goals.

They enjoyed every moment, even when the process, which was supposed to last two months, took seven and a half months instead.

The process of creating the album included, among other things, traveling across the country to record different instruments and background vocals of their friends who  voluntarily took part. All participants in the recordings are believing youth and soldiers from around Israel.

“We encountered quite a few problems along the way. Especially budget problems and such. We were exposed to the fact that creating a CD is not cheap, and because we were both students in high school and now soldiers in the IDF, we had no budget at all to produce the album.

“But thank God for other people who contributed to the work together with us, we were able to do it after a lot of efforts and prayer,” they recall.

Davis and Goldberg hope that other young people would be able to identify with and be encouraged by their songs. Their lyrics are gleaned from their own personal challenges and experiences. It is also important to them that the music spread the gospel and the love of God, strengthening the faith of their listeners.

The album title, “Broken Tree Branch,” is a song on the album.

“We felt it was right to name the album by this name as well, because we are like this branch without the grace and love of God,” Davis told KNI. “The song is written figuratively and is full of imagery. It describes a situation familiar to many of us in our faith life. We are described in the song as a heavy and broken branch that has fallen from the tree to the earth. But Yeshua, the carpenter, who has come to fix it, picks it up and creates from it an instrument for the glory of his name. In other words, a whole new strong person, thanks to our Lord who has raised us after we have fallen.”

You can purchase the music of the “Bain Hakolot” here:

We enjoyed listening, and we wish you the same.

Click on the link below to get a taste of these songs in the album:

Another video of Davis and Goldberg with which they were able to raise most of the donations for the album:

More contact details and how to follow them:
Sean Goldberg: 052-798-7447,
Yoni Davis: 054-488-1936,
Instagram: bain_hakolot
Facebook: בין הקולות