Messianic Israeli soldier, worship leader injured in attack near Nablus

David with friends visiting in the hospital

A Messianic soldier was injured during an Israeli army operation early on Thursday morning near Nablus, the biblical city of Shechem, after an explosive device was thrown at a group of soldiers.

David B., one of the worship leaders at Kehilat Nachalat Yeshua in Beersheba, was in the area to guard the tomb of Joseph the Jewish patriarch, when he was injured and rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. According to the Injury Severity Score (ISS) the soldier’s injuries were classified as “minor” because they were not immediately life-threatening. However, the soldier lost the bones in his right index finger.

After news of the attack made headlines in Israel, word quickly spread through the believing community in Israel that the injured soldier was David (whose last name we are withholding due to military rules).

“I just want Him to be glorified in this whole thing that has happened to me.”

David is a talented guitarist, well loved and respected. He has already completed two years and four months of his compulsory three-year army service.

“David is a great blessing and encouragement to all of us in the kehila (congregation), and is a wonderful positive influence on his peers,” said Howard Bass, leader of Kehilat Nachalat Yeshua (Inheritance of Yeshua). “Thank you for your prayers.”

KNI: What you can you tell us about the attack?

David: Once a month, groups of Jews come to pray at Joseph’s Tomb and they need protection because there are always attacks. It all happened very quickly. We were in a narrow alleyway making an ambush to round up the trouble-makers when one of them shouted “Allah huAkbar!” (Allah is greater or greatest) and threw the explosive at me. They also had guns and were aiming to shoot. My commanding officer and I started shooting and then I felt the explosion at my side and felt the heat and pain in my hand. I cried out in pain and immediately started praying in Russian. My commander probably thought I was cursing, but I was calling out for help from Yeshua. The medics came. It was obvious I had bad damage and I was rushed to the hospital.

davids-handKNI: We heard that the explosion damaged your finger. Could you explain the injuries?

David: Actually, my whole right hand was affected. The pipe bomb almost severed the index finger and there is no bone there now.

KNI: What were the surgeons able to do for you?

David: The doctors at first seriously considered amputating that finger but they did skin and tissue grafts and if healing goes well, they will not remove any fingers. I thank God that they did not remove things like they first wanted to.

KNI: What is the prognosis?

David: They could save most of the nerves and the tendons, but there is no bone. They say that even if they do bone grafting I will never have 100 percent function restored, but I am believing for a miracle.

KNI: We understand that you are a musician in your congregation?

David: Yes, I play the guitar and help lead worship in the congregation where I attend. I believe that being able to worship is something very special. It is in the Bible where people were given gifts from God so I am trusting the Lord to heal me and keep my finger, and restore my ability to play. I just want Him to be glorified in this whole thing that has happened to me.

KNI: Is there anything you would like to share with believers here in Israel and around the world who are praying for you?

David: The first thing I thought in that alleyway was about my love for playing the guitar. I was asking, “Why me?” But in this time I have been so encouraged by believers who have shown support and encouraged me by sharing scripture. My brother shared Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” A sister in the Lord from my congregation shared Isaiah 43:2: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.”

I am so grateful for everyone who is praying for me. I know God performed miracles in the past and in the present and I know He can perform a miracle for me. What happened to me is a good lesson for me because it is reminds me that God is in control. This could have been a lot worse but God spared my life. This is really a test of faith: Believing in Him not only when things are going well, but even when bad things like this happen. I want Him to be glorified and for people in my family and in the army to see God’s goodness and be drawn to Him. Please keep praying for me and for His will to be done.

Please pray for David to be a light and a testimony through this incident. Please pray for full restoration of his hand.

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