Israel’s repeating pattern


Throughout the book of Judges there is a clear pattern that I believe is still repeating itself today. It goes like this:

After coming out of Egypt the people of Israel began conquering the land of Canaan (Israel) and settling in it. Because they did not fully obey the Lord by destroying the idolatry in the land, they were enticed into idolatry. They did evil in the sight of the Lord God of their fathers by bowing down to and serving the gods of the Canaanite peoples. This angered the Lord, and so He delivered them into the hands of plunderers and sold them into the hand of their enemies as slaves.

Rock Bottom

Their powerlessness and distress eventually caused them to turn back to the Lord and plead for deliverance. The Lord would have mercy and raise up a judge or prophet for them who would deliver them from the hand of their enemies. But when that anointed judge died, the people would once again revert to their idolatrous ways and even behave more corruptly than their fathers (Judges 2:11-23). Then the pattern would repeat itself again.

At times there were years or decades of peace and quiet between Israel and its neighbors. At other times Israel’s enemies succeeded in taking back possession of land that Israel had conquered (Judges 3:13), and at times they left Israel at the verge of starvation by devouring their produce (Judges 6:1-7).

Israel’s success or failure was always connected to their single heartedness in following the Lord. When they strayed from His ways, He turned against them. When they obeyed and followed Him, nothing could stand against them (Judges 7). National repentance brought God’s presence, peace, prosperity and possession of more land.

Only One Solution

This pattern seems to still be repeating itself in modern Israel. Acts of terrorism and attacks on Israel’s borders come in repeating waves. I believe God is allowing these things in order to get the attention of His people. Yes, we can certainly point the finger at the Devil, anti-Semitism, radical Islam and a host of other thorns in the side of Israel for being causes of unrest, but these are not the full picture. Until there is national repentance and Israel turns to Yeshua for both spiritual and physical salvation, I don’t foresee Israel’s enemies relenting anytime soon.

Israel doesn’t need a better army in order to stop fire-bomb kites, rockets and terror tunneling. Instead they need a total turning of the heart back to the God of their Fathers and His Son Yeshua.

Thankfully this turning of the heart is prophesied (Zechariah 12; Ezekiel 36)! All Israel will be saved when they call out for the Only Judge/Prophet/Messiah who can save them (Romans 11; Matthew 23:39). Yeshua will respond to this call and will defeat all the nations that attack Israel (Zechariah 14). He will then sit on David’s throne as Israel’s eternal King and restore peace and prosperity, not only in Israel but throughout the earth (Isaiah 2).

Watchmen, Don’t Be Silent!

Praying for Israel to repent and turn to Yeshua as a nation, is of the highest importance and priority (Romans 10:1). Let us not grow weary in standing in the gap for this people that has been restored to their land, but is under constant attack, and is not yet restored to their God.

This article originally appeared on Revive Israel, October 17, 2018, and reposted with permission.