It is time for U.S. Senators to take a stand with Saudi Arabia against Iran. Here’s why.

This morning, Fox News Opinion published my new column. The following are excerpts. Here is a link to the full column.

  • For too long, U.S. senators have hesitated to stand with Saudi Arabia, a long-time American ally and vital energy supplier to our allies in Europe and Asia. But as the Iranian regime shows its power, it’s time to pick a side….
  • In a “60 Minutes” interview on CBS Sunday, MBS said he had no prior knowledge of Khashoggi’s murder and no personal involvement. But he said he takes “full responsibility as a leader in Saudi Arabia, especially since it was committed by individuals working for the Saudi government.”….
  • Apart from Khashoggi, the recent cruise missile and drone attacks against oil facilities in Saudi Arabia briefly cut Saudi Aramco oil production by half, caused global oil prices to spike, and pushed the region to the brink of a new and dangerous military confrontation.
  • The attacks also raised two critical questions for members of the U.S. Senate.
  • First, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blaming Iran for the attacks, is it not true that U.S. national security interests necessitate standing firmly with the Saudis – along with Israel and our other Sunni Arab allies – to both counter and neutralize the rapidly rising Iranian threat?
  • Second, does not standing with Saudi Arabia involve re-engaging with MBS, even after the most complicated year in U.S.-Saudi relations since 2001?….
  • Far too many senators backed President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal that gave upwards of $150 billion to the mullahs in Tehran. Even now, some senators continue clinging to the vain hope that Iran’s leaders want to rejoin the civilized world of peaceful nations.
  • Still other senators have let their anger at MBS tempt them to jettison the longstanding and important alliance with Riyadh despite the kingdom’s vital role in counterterrorism and its role as the supplier of the oil to the world at…..

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This article originally appeared on Joel C Rosenberg’s blog and reposted with permission.