It won’t be cold forever

It’s cold! Winter has arrived in Israel. I look out on my porch and I see the wind whipping the leaves on the trees. The apartment, with its northern exposure, is quite chilly. My toes are cold, my nose is cold, my fingers, as I type, are cold. Why don’t I turn on the heat, you might logically ask?

Truth be told, I don’t want to spend the money because we have a wedding coming up in June! Yes, my youngest daughter is getting married in only seven months. With the price of weddings these days, one might think we would need to take out a second mortgage! We have the place in which the event is being held, complete with food and drinks for our guests. We have the wedding dress, the makeup, the hairstylist, the D.J., the flowers, the invitations, etc. Don’t misunderstand, we are thrilled. I couldn’t be happier! I love the young man who is soon joining our family and I am happy to give my daughter a fairy tale wedding. But now, today, I am cold.

I have a friend who has cancer. She had already lost a leg and she is facing a serious operation. It is very scary for her and for her family. She has three small children. It is cold.

I have another friend living in a very loveless marriage. Despite her best intentions and despite everything she has tried to do, her husband remains aloof and distant. It is cold.

I have several older friends who, despite prayers and petitions have remained unmarried. They are lonely. They are lovely, creative, humorous people, and they remained unfulfilled. They want a life partner yet this remains an elusive desire. It is cold.

Perhaps you are cold too. Perhaps you feel as though you always will be. Allow me to remind you that as surely as the seasons change, so will your life circumstances. You will be not cold, in pain, lonely, and in this situation forever. Life is dynamic, change is to be expected.

And, as surely as we will be dancing on a warm and balmy night in June, you will be dancing at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

My friend with cancer will have both of her legs. My friend in a loveless marriage will be completely accepted in the beloved and my friends longing for a life partner will have every tear wiped away as they join the lover of their soul in eternity. Winter will give way to spring. It won’t be cold forever, hang on.

This article originally appeared on First Fruits of Zion, December 8, 2016, and reposted with permission.