Je Suis Maamin, I am a Believer in Yeshua

A young man breathed his last breath the other day in Paris and it went something like this: “Je Suis ISIS” (I am ISIS).

I woke yesterday, a beautiful Sabbath morning, only to learn many Parisians in Paris had been enduring a nightmare as I slept soundly. Scores of people had been murdered, again in Paris. This time there was no Jewish grocery store involved and four locations were simultaneously hit.

This is days after a Russian airliner was downed by Je Suis ISIS people. This is a couple days after a leader of Iran proclaimed western art and culture and food should be dismantled and forced to cease to exist. You know the one who can’t find his razor from the west.

Extreme terrorism in France has not seen more than ten months since the last senseless attack on their country. People very much like you and I went out for an evening coffee, a sports game and a concert. Their love of art, culture and humanity was cut short just because they are human. The pathetic excuse of Syria was belched out as the murders took place. There is always an excuse with barbarianism, always excuse terrorism uses against Jews, against humanity and against the world. Have you ever heard the expression “If you are mad at the whole world maybe it’s time you look at yourself?” I don’t think they have a mirror.

Men stood on rails during the concert while killing their helpless victims shouting the same rhetoric the world is tired of already. You’ve heard it all before.

The wicked innocent blood thirsty punks shot on innocents as they sipped coffee and ate dainty French creamy pastries. Don’t try to figure out how these people grew up and analyze it all! Insanity and this trait are in the same non- understandable category. The only point one needs to remember here is that these lone wolves (sarcasm) are murdering others over and over again.

France has promised a swift counter attack and their President Hollande admitted ISIS is behind this and he has declared war with this act of provocation on the French people.

“Je Suis ISIS” is what the terrorist who was alive at first told his captors. He stated he had come in through Syria (refugee) and was quickly recruited by ISIS. Germany and all Europe are surely shaking in their boots now. I always wonder why Islamic leaders don’t pull an Ariel Sharon and say “Acahrai”, after me! That would mean those who so desperately ask others to die would go first as our late Prime Minister so boldly did in his career.

The cycle continues the lame excuse for death reels and the people innocently try to know why? Haven’t others figured it out yet? WE in Israel seem to understand pretty good these days. There is no good reason, it’s called innocent blood and the Lord hates it.

Damascus will be a ruinous heap and will be no more Isaiah 17 prophesied. It’s like the world is saying ok make it happen now, let the games begin and flatten her! The world is sick and tired of the bloodshed and ruinous ways of the seed that once was tamed in the West. Or was that ravenous seed ever tamed at all? The wild man of Ishmael is that seed who rears his head again in this age as if to finish what the crusaders put to an end. As I understand it from college in Israel, the crusades were all about Islam but the Jews inhabited the cities along the route and were pulled into its ravage and plunder.

Je Suis Charlie (Hebdo) was a unity cry for freedom of expression and to identify with him upon his death by these same sick beings. “Je Suis ISIS” as the captive said before his death is not something to be proud of as it was the case with Hebdo’s Je Suis mob and collective identifying. Je Suis ISIS is not to be glorified and maybe let’s outlaw the mention of that name. Let’s not allow others to proud for it; it is an abomination upon the earth. I personally who love freedom would like to see incitement pages torn down as these are as enemies of the state caliber. That is never what freedom of speech intended if it harms innocent people. Well a lot of us should be Je Suis too, Je Suis mad, mad we have let the lone wolf lie into our newspapers and media. Only eight were involved we were told as the media spewed out the facts only hours after the horrific cowardly acts by very young twisted men. One may as well say it was an itsee bitsee teeny weeneey polka…i.e. how it is minimized as not to scare the public about the hundreds of thousands of refugees who came into Europe, oh never mind! Today in the afternoon arrests were made in Europe of MORE PEOPLE tied to the crimes in Paris today.  We will live our lives, we will stand our ground but the enemy rages at the door to beat in the door of civilization today.

Draw close to the Lord, wait and anticipate his coming. When the packs of wolves arrive we can in unity stand and be not afraid as we in unison will declare Je Suis Maamin, I am a believer (in Messiah Yeshua). The days are frighteningly wicked and those who do not know the Lord will be as chaff, gone forever. Those of us who know and love our Lord must fervently pray for the nations. Israel is called to be a light to the nations, may our light shine more than ever before now. We as Jews know the sorrow of this insanity unfolding in the other nations by Islam today. We can lend our hearts and prayers so as to let our light shine brighter. Like Yeshua who suffered much, so has our nation. We are a picture of his wounds on the cross and the world is beginning to understand and take heed. They are however just beginning to grasp the plight before us, one of vigilance. Je Suis Maamin. Je Suis so sad today, to hear this news in France.

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Miriam Abramov is Israeli and resides in Israel. She has published and written 2 books, "Shalom At Last" (co-authored with her husband Shlomy) and also her biography titled "Married to Israel". She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Israel College of the Bible and pursued an M.A. degree in Jewish Missions. She sponsors tours in Hebrew for Israelis to teach about the Bible. She co-leads a fellowship with her husband and teaches on Israel’s feasts internationally. She is recognized with International Journalism status and enjoys writing free-lance about Israel from an informed citizen’s perspective on a variety of subjects connected to the Holy Land.