Jerusalem Day

Crowds in the Old City of Jerusalem during the celebration of 40 years since Jerusalem's unification, May 16, 2007. (Maya Levin/Flash90)

It has been 50 years (May 24 this year according to the Hebrew calendar) since Israel captured Jerusalem in the Six-Day War in June, 1967. It is clear now for many years already that this did not bring the “times of the Gentiles” to fulfillment. (Luke 21:24) Jerusalem is still being trampled under foot by the Gentile powers, and East Jerusalem — the Biblical Jerusalem, where the Old City and Temple Mount are located — is still being offered as the capital of some potential Palestinian state. Jerusalem’s peace will only come with the return of the rightful Heir to the throne of David. Until then, there is still much unrest and trouble. Keep Jerusalem in your hearts and prayers, for the sake of the name of the Lord, who has chosen that city as His — the city of the great King!  For now, she has the spirit of Sodom and Egypt (Rev. 11:8), and awaits her full redemption.

President Trump is scheduled to arrive tomorrow for a brief and historic visit. He wants to make peace between the three major religions. Such attempts should be wake-up bells for real believers in Jesus that we are nearing some extremely significant ‘signs of the times’, and cause us to increase our alertness in watching and praying as we carry on our Lord’s business. The religious and political kingdoms of this world are opposed to the Kingdom of God, which is not of this world (Psa. 2; John 18:36) — but the Day is nearing when it will come! Praise the Lord!!

This article originally appeared on Streams in the Negev, May 21, 2017, and reposted with permission.