Jewels of the Ark – A Messianic Business Helping Women in Need

Polly Sigulim is a widow in Israel and the mother of three grown sons who serve the Lord. She is a registered nurse and the Director of Ark in the Negev, a Teen Challenge affiliated refuge for women in distress. The Ark shelter is in the city of Arad, in the Negev desert, where Polly also lives with her two foster children.

Polly Sigulim

The Jewels of the Ark jewelry business was founded by Polly Sigulim in 2013 to provide a creative outlet for the women who take refuge at the Ark in the Negev. These women come to the shelter struggling with problems ranging from addiction and abuse to a simple inability to cope with life and a need for comfort and direction. They have almost always suffered deep trauma.

“We offer a discipleship program through which we try to help the women understand who their Heavenly Father is and Who Yeshua is as their Messiah. Not all our ladies are believers in Christ when they come in but at least they will know Who He is when they leave,” Polly shares.

The business sells unique, hand-crafted jewelry made with natural semi-precious gemstones, crystals and glass. Polly confirms “We try to achieve a high standard of durability and quality in our products.”

Together with trained volunteers from the local believing community in Arad, the women of the Ark braceletthemselves learn to make jewelry for sale.

“The project allows the women to enter into a different realm, away from the harsh reality of the problems they face,” Polly explains. “It helps get their minds off negative thoughts and allows them to be occupied with something creative and fun.”

The Ark is a non-profit organization that is funded through donations. However, money is raised toward the upkeep of the refuge by selling jewelry.

“Our business started with the help of Jewels 4 God, an American ministry that teaches women’s programs to make artistic jewelry for sale to help support themselves. The idea is that profits go back into running the jewelry project and the remainder goes toward supporting the main program.” Polly explains.

“In our case the extra money we make pays for groceries and the daily needs of the Ark household.”

The jewelry is sold at the Ark itself (groups and individuals are welcome to visit) and through the website at It is currently also available at Yakov and Elisheva Damkani’s Hotel Gilgal in Tel Aviv.

star crossPolly adds, “One of the perks of our business is that we have a wide variety of styles in our products because the women bring their own personality to their jewelry. Each piece is as individual as the person making it.”

In some cases, the women at the refuge are so artistic, with such a flair for this work that, despite their brokenness, they inspire and teach the staff and volunteers to make gorgeous Jewels of the Ark.