PRAYER ALERT: JIJ filed Supreme Court petition on behalf of Jewish Holocaust survivor

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice announced on its Facebook page the following regarding one of its important cases:

At the Supreme Court of Justice an Holocaust Survivor’s Child

Today the JIJ submitted one its most important petitions to the High Court of Justice on behalf of a child of a Jewish Holocaust Survivor. The Ministry of Interior is refusing her status based on her religious past, which is absolutely inappropriate. It was especially relevant that the JIJ funded this important case of religious freedom on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Undoubtedly, these claims by the Ministry of Interior are OUTRAGEOUS, but the sense of justice is further undermined by a story so tragic and so typical of Jewish history. The petitioner is a victim of the consequences of the Holocaust and of anti-Semitism in Europe, and the rejection of her request is against the law and the basic sense of justice inherent in each and every one of us.

The petition, which will be submitted today, seeks to cancel the decision of the Ministry of Interior, and to remind all of us that the State of Israel is a HOME and refuge for Jews and their descendants – without discrimination.

KNI asks all of our Christian friends around the world to pray for this crucial Supreme Court decision