Kehila News Announces Launch of Spanish Website at

So no matter where you live around the world, we invite you, our brothers and sisters in faith to join us (Youtube Video: One-Minute Intro Video to Kehila News Israel)

Until today, this invitation only applied to the English-speaking world outside of Israel. Now we are happy to say that we can invite our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters around the world to join us.

We are proud to announce the launch of Kehila News Israel in Spanish at!

Coincidentally, it was exactly one year ago today, September 15, 2015, that we announced the launch of the Kehila News Israel website in Hebrew.

“At present the only articles we have translated into Spanish are on the front page. As we translate and upload more articles in Spanish, the categories will be populated with Spanish articles.  Additionally, we are also planning to translate our directory of ministries and congregations to Spanish.

Stay tuned. This is a major work in progress, and we need your help. Kehila News Israel is a reader supported community website that is dependent on your support.

Part of our vision is Changing the Way the World Views Israel and to let you see the news in Israel through the eyes of the Messianic believers that live in Israel (Youtube Video). This means that we must reach a large audience in as many languages as possible. Launching the Spanish website is a big step towards this goal as Spanish is the second most spoken language with over 400 million native speakers.

Please join us in prayer that can be an effective tool for proclaiming the truth in Spanish from Israel and connecting our Spanish-speaking friends with the Messianic community in Israel.