Kehila News Israel 2015 Year in Review

Seven months ago, we re-branded the website and launched as a centralized online hub to bring you the most updated news, opinions and teachings from the Messianic community in Israel.  We had two main measurable goals. Let’s review how we have done.


Goal #1: Centralize articles and videos produced by a wide range of authors within Messianic community in Israel

KNI-FB-all-in-one-place-messianic-writersWe are happy to announce that has published 300+ articles and videos from over one hundred Israeli Messianic writers, all in one place! Among our writers are Daniel Juster, Shira Sorko-Ram, Wayne Hilsden, Guy Cohen, Sandy Shoshani, Erez Soref, Asher Intrater, Eddie Santoro, Andrey Teplinsky, Jamie Cowen, Howard Bass, Michael Hillel, Cookie Schwaeber-Issan, Eitan Shishkoff and many more.



Goal #2: Expand our online audience to reach more friends around the world

Last year during December 2014, the traffic level (per google analytics) for was 2566 sessions (visits) per month. The past November 2015, our traffic level increased nearly 10X to 24,968 sessions (visits) for the month! Praise God for this increase! In annual terms, for the past 12 months combining and, there were 175,000+ sessions from 120+ countries with 560,000+ pages viewed. Friends of Kehila News are from all over the world: USA, Canada, UK, India, Philippines, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and even Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and many more countries.

So what is upcoming in 2016?

1) More Israel News through the Eyes of Messianic Believers: We are actively seeking to hire Israeli Messianic freelance journalists to cover Israel news stories and offer a Biblical perspective.

2) More Community Personal Stories and Testimonies: We are actively seeking Israeli Messianic freelance journalists to cover Messianic community-related stories.

3) Community Interviews & Surveys: We are planning to bring some insights into the Messianic believers in Israel through interviews and surveys.

4) Israeli Messianic Music Database: We are working on a centralized database of all music written by Israeli believers so you can easily browse, search, and listen, all in one place.

5) Community-wide Event Calendar: We are planning to launch an online consolidated calendar of Messianic-related community events that are open to the public, all in one place.



Kehila News is a grass-roots community effort, and we need your help to fulfill the vision to connect the Messianic community in Israel with a large world-wide audience!

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