Kehila Spotlight on Israel First Fruits, a marketplace ministry

Students who participated in the Firstfruits Business Plan Competation

The vision of Israel Firstfruits is to see the Body of Messiah in Israel flourishprosper, become a blessing and advance the Kingdom of God through the marketplace.

Please learn more about this strategic ministry in the Body of Messiah in Israel by watching the video below to learn about the programs of Israel Firstfruits.

1-2-3 of First Fruits

  1. Disciple – Firstfruits disciples and equips Jewish & Arab believers to be successful professionals and excellent witnesses ofGod and His Kingdom.
  2. Build Business – Firstfruits helps entreprenues build redemptive companies based on Biblical principles to produce wealth, jobs, and social impact.
  3. Advance the Kingdom of God – Firstfruits’ purpose is to empower the Body of Messiah in Israel to flourish, prosper, and fulfill it’s calling to disciple Israeli society and the nations.