Kingdom Perspective

What are we expecting to see in the future? There is power in expectation! What does God expect from us? What is God doing in Israel? What is God doing in your life? What motivates our actions and what moves us as we wake up in the morning? I believe that every one of us desires to have one thing for sure, clarity! None of us wants to be short-sighted.

We’ve been entrusted with the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Lord commissions us to preach and to demonstrate His Kingdom values, love, lifestyle, and power. Are we expecting God to empower us as we advance His kingdom? It is good to experience His kingdom in times of prayer and worship, but a demonstration of the Kingdom should take place in society. How can we fulfill Yeshua’s commandment to us, as His disciples, to seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness? Here, I believe, are some keys.


We have to see in Scripture and remind ourselves about God’s given authority to us. The Kingdom of God is in us, advancing through us, and people see it because of us. An individual is the most important “building block” of the kingdom of God. God has given us authority to advance His purposes in this world. Are we walking in our authority?


If we want to know God’s will for our lives, our families and our society, we have to be engaged in the process of renewing our mind. We cannot be effective if we are using our old thinking and ways of advancing God’s purposes. God said that His thoughts and ways are different from ours. We have to become diligent students of God’s Word and understand His values, principles and laws. We have to dwell at the fire of God’s presence with His Word in our hands and cry out to Him to reveal His ways. It is our responsibility to seek the way of how to apply God’s perspective to our daily living. We have to receive God’s thoughts and His perspectives. Kingdom thinking is needed in this hour. Are we ready to come into His presence with His Word, seek and knock, and ask for Him to teach us?


God is giving authority to His children, friends and servants. The Kingdom strategy is a servant strategy. The ways of God are always grounded in servanthood. The kingdom of God is about serving God by serving others. May the Lord give us grace to have the heart of a servant. We have an opportunity to demonstrate the character of God in our generation! What a privilege! Are we ready to serve Him by serving others?

As we renew our minds by receiving God’s thoughts and applying them to our life, we can expect His authority and power in us to manifest to a higher level. With that authority we can serve others, revealing to them the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom.