KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: Jan 23, 2018

Prayer for the Community


1. The driving force for is well stated on about about page, “Our vision is to connect the millions of Christians around the world who love Israel with the Messianic community in Israel.” That also happens to be the most critical prayer issue that we can pray for the entire Israeli Messianic community. Why? Because it is impossible for the body in Israel to thrive and fulfill our mission without the help of Christians worldwide. The joining together of the two is God’s plan for mutual blessing. (Ephesians 2:14) – Please Pray for a greater awakening of these spiritual truths around the world. Pray for Christians to bless Israeli ministries to be a blessing. Pray for the bridge-building ministries like Kehila News Israel (KNI) and FIRM and others to receive material support for our labors. (1 Timothy 5:18) Thank God for all the Christians who love the body of Messiah in Israel – like BRAD TV for Korea.

  1.  Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain in due season! The beginning of the fall rains (during Sukkot) were light but as winter has come in, the rains are increasingly strong and hard. The blessing of rain cannot be overstated for Israel who has suffered drought rainfall conditions for several years now. There is still a lot more rain that is needed to bring up water levels, so please continue to pray for downpours.  “Let us now fear Adonai Eloheinu, who gives rain in its season —fall rain and spring rain— who reserves for us the appointed weeks of harvest.” (Jeremiah 5:24) More scriptures you can pray over Israel for rain – which is also symbolic of the spiritual outpouring  – are 1 Kings 8:36, James 5:18, Leviticus 26:4.  And Zechariah 10:1: “Ask rain from the LORD at the time of the spring rain– The LORD who makes the storm clouds; And He will give them showers of rain...”
  1. As we brought up last week religious opposition against as the witness of the Israeli Messianic community is on the rise again. During the past week we heard of other religious persecutions including how the Chabad rabbi in Dimona is again stirring up protests against a small Messianic gathering in a commercial shopping center space. This time using the teenaged yeshiva students (Jewish studies) to annoy and disturb the peace of their meetings. The rabbis want the mayor of Dimona to shut down the center completely. It is good to know that it is secular shop keepers who are neighbors to the Messianic meeting place who are defending them against the protesters. (Matthew 21:31)  Please keep in prayer all acts of religious persecution of Messianic believers including the denial of citizenship based on their faith in Yeshua.
  1. Aryeh Deri, the head of Israel’s Interior Ministry which is a key hotbed for religious persecution against Messianic Jews in terms of their Israeli citizenship, is under investigation by Israel Corruption Police unit under suspicion of multiple indications of graft. Deri was imprisoned in 2002 after being convicted of bribery while heading the Interior Ministry and now police are doing a deep dive in an investigation that has spanned most of 2017. He was recently questioned for the sixth time in January 2018. Since Deri has been at the head of the Interior Ministry, there has been a distinct rise in discrimination against  of Messianic Jewish believers. Please pray that if Deri is guilty as suspected that he is removed from his position and that the persecution against believers by the Interior Ministry would stop. (Ecclesiastes 8:11, Proverbs 16:4, Psalm 145:20, Psalm 37:28)

Prayer for Israel

1. A new timeframe has been set by the US for its move of the American consulate to Jerusalem: by the end of 2019. The new date came after the news media blew up differences in the understanding of when that would take place between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and U.S. President Trump. Once again, the news media attempted to take simple misunderstanding and use it politically against both of the leaders involved.  It is highly unlikely that the news media will ever treat anything related to Israel or God’s plan for Israel with honesty or integrity. Therefore please pray that those who follow the mainstream news would be given true discernment by God, and that we would not be tossed around like waves in a stormy wind driven sea. (James 1:6) Also, please continue to pray that the US President will stay the course of this important decision, following through to its completion.  (1 Timothy 2:2)

2. President Trump’s Jerusalem consulate announcement, plus his move to cut off one half of its UNRWA funding for Palestinian aid, sent Palestinian leader Abbas into a barrage of invective against the American President and anti-Semitic vitriol against Israel. The successor of the Palestinian Authority terrorist-leader Yasser Arafat, Abbas renewed longstanding claims to Jerusalem that he asserted supersede Israel’s claim. Abbas further withdrew PA recognition of Israel and cut all ties to Israel. For decades the Palestinian Authority found the nations willing to turn a blind eye to their false claims on Jerusalem and against the Israeli nation. It is not sitting well, as Abbas’ temper tantrum shows, but also the timing of it is not right for stirring up the Arab allies they have also depended on to rally with a false importance placed on their claim to Jerusalem. It is a key prayer point to ask God for the steadiness of the new U.S. position, for continued reluctance of Arab states to over-inflate Palestinian claims and for other nations to balk at the funding requests of Palestinians, which are inordinately spent on lining the pockets of Palestinian leaders and fighting against Israel.

3. Continue to pray regarding Iran which poses a particular threat to Israel, as well as to its Sunni Arab neighbors, the US and indeed the world. Pray for the average Iranians who have been protesting the rule of the religious fundamentalists of Iran, as well against Iranian proxies like Hezbollah, Syria and others creating havoc throughout the region. Pray for the Israeli Mossad who are able to penetrate Iran. It is key to have eyes and ears from within in order to neutralize the threat. (Numbers 13:1, Deuteronomy 29:29, Daniel 2:47, 2 Kings 6:8-23)