KNI Israel Prayer Corner :: Mar 14, 2018

KNI Israel Prayer Corner

Prayer for Israeli Messianic Community News

As we touched on last week, sharing faith in Israel is a quite different situation than it is in most Western nations. The avenues are more organic, people to people expressions. One of these expressions is the Shelter Hostel in Eilat which has provided free lodging to hikers on the Israel National Trail (INT). In Israel, hiking is a number one recreational activity and “Trail Angels” who offer lodging along the way are greatly appreciated. Israeli Messianic believers, John and Judy Pex who operate the Shelter Hostel, open their doors to all to meet “physical, emotional and spiritual needs.” Pray for this ministry and for all the ways that Israeli believers are sharing their faith.

Israel is a nation that is absorbing Jewish immigrants from the four corners of the earth. At times, people come with the clothes on their backs, unable to speak Hebrew or to take up the professions they had in their original countries. That is one of the reasons why there is such a high rate of poverty in Israel with approximately 1.8 million living under the poverty line. KNI published a series featuring the believer ministries who help the poor in Israel. There are no strings attached to humanitarian aid, but pray for many lives to be changed by the labor of love of Messianic ministries serving the poor.

“A Dangerous Calling” is the name of a recent conference attended by Arab and Jewish senior pastors at the Israel College of the Bible to study the seriousness of a pastoral calling and the life challenges faced by every servant of God in Israel. When Arab and Jewish believers join together in harmony it is a witness to the world of their brotherly relationship in the LORD. Please pray for all those who are seeking to live together as brothers in the Messiah and for all pastors living the “dangerous calling” as servants of God in Israel.

Prayer for Israel

While Prime Minister Netanyahu is under investigation in Israel, his visit to the U.S. has been hailed as a beloved ally and friend among Americans. Netanyahu clearly expressed Israel’s appreciation for the support of American Christians, saying “We have no better friends in the world and I mean that”.  One sign of truly recognizing Christians’ alliance with Israel is the new Israeli Knesset Bible study with 200 Christians and Israeli Jews.

Please pray for the growing recognition of the whole community of faith in Yeshua in Israel, both Christians and Messianic Jews.

Please pray for the leadership of the nation of Israel, that God’s appointed person serves as its Prime Minister, with a government formed that will serve the purposes of God in this season.

Pray for Israel as she is entering the “beginning of months” this Saturday which is the point that all the “Feasts of the LORD” are calculated from. These holidays, appointed by God, are set times for Israel. They are also opportune times for terrorists who have often planned terror attacks on the major biblical holidays. Today the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced that two smuggling attempts had been thwarted: trucks smuggling into Gaza various dress IDF uniforms and fatigues, and also mercury, which is used in terror making material. Please pray for God to thwart and expose all attempts and terrorist plots, that “no weapon formed against Israel during the holidays or at any other time may prosper”. (Isaiah 54:17)