Know This Rich Vision of Africa’s “Josephs”

Early in the morning, as I was praying for the Lord to raise up “Josephs”, those who could provide godly counsel for economics in the new era that has come upon the earth, I saw a vision of Africa. A young, strong African man stood in front of a university. He was dressed in a traditional African warrior garb of leopard skin.

Suddenly, a Mercedes limousine pulled up beside him. Two men emerged from the limousine. One was a Chinese man wearing a black silk shirt with a red dragon embroidered on it. The other man was Arab, dressed in white robes like an Emirati or Saudi leader. Each held a small treasure chest of gold they showed to the young African man to lure him into the limo. I felt the two evil men were not representing the people of their nations, but certain government or business leaders.

They then kidnapped the young African man and took him to a cave where the Chinese man chained his left wrist to the wall, and the Arab man chained his right wrist to the wall. He fell to his knees in despair, as he realized he had been made a slave. A Jewish man brought a richly embroidered, multi-coloured Joseph’s robe of governmental authority and wisdom to rule, and laid it on a small table in front of him. But the young African could not put it on because he was still in chains. The Jewish man sadly could not unlock the chains and left.

Then Ugandan President Museveni came in with a key from Jerusalem and unlocked the chains. I felt he represented certain senior government leaders in Africa discerning and recognizing an emerging generation of godly leaders. Then a respected Ugandan Pastor took the Joseph’s coat and put it on the young man. I felt he represented apostolic Christian leaders in Africa who were standing with these emerging godly leaders.

Then a strong light shone through a round hole in the roof of the cave where the young man was now freed and robed. Down though that hole came a golden crown of wisdom that sat on the head of the young man.

My sense of was that he represented a generation of young leaders who will be like Joseph, to lead the peoples of Africa into a place of freedom from economic slavery and lack. According to this vision of Africa, they will lead many nations in Africa into a place of supernatural blessing even as Egypt did when they listened to the godly counsel of Joseph.
This article originally appeared on Succat Hallel, April 24, 2020, and reposted with permission.