Korean leader Abraham Keum is taking the verse “walk by faith” to action in Israel

Illustrative image, hiking in southern Israel (Photo: Mark Nakasone/Flickr)

The ministry has organized an event called “WalkPray” which will span the length of Israel. Starting on Oct. 15, participants from around the world will set out from Eilat – the southernmost city in Israel – for a month-long hike up to Mt. Hermon, all the way in the north.

“[We] want to take promises and walk/pray them out,” Keum said. “We are now very close to end times.”

He went on to explain that he feels a sense of urgency to bring believers from around the world to pray for the restoration of Israel.

“We want genuine prayers from nations because all nations would love the State of Israel. Basically we stand with the State of Israel, with the land…and all nations will come to Israel for [giving a] blessing because we Gentiles receive two important things [from Israel], Messiah and the Church.”

Keum hopes this won’t just be another event in Israel, but something more focused with action and prayer.

Keum is originally from South Korea, but now runs the Kingdom Ministry in New York and Israel. The New York team hosts a small international church and is active in street ministry throughout the city. In Israel, Keum hosts a small prayer and guest house in Tiberias. While Israel is the priority of the ministry, Korea is never far from their prayers. The WalkPray will focus on Israel but will also include prayer for reunification of Korea and protection of secret believers of North Korea.

Participants in the WalkPray can choose to do the entire course, half of it, or join in for just one day. Accommodations are a mixture of camping, hostels and houses of prayer. To sign up or to donate to the WalkPray visit http://www.kingdoministry.com/walkpray.html

Click here for the updated schedule.

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Karen Royel
Karen is a wife and mother living in the Golan Heights. She began her interest in news and media in high school and interned for multiple television and radio arts companies in NYC. She later went on to work for a radio arts company in Dallas, TX. After hearing G-d calling to come to Israel, she left the media world. She met her husband in Jerusalem and the two have a vision of growing their family, living out their faith in Yeshua and fully integrating into Israeli society as Messianic Jews.