Land of Israel Law Provides Protection Against Discrimination…. Unless You’re Messianic?


In the year 2002, Israel passed the “Law of Prohibition of Discrimination in Products and Services and in Entry to Entertainment Establishments and Public Facilities.” This lengthily titled law prohibits discrimination based on the grounds of a customer’s race, religion, nationality, land of origin, sex, sexual orientation, political views, personal status or parenthood. While this certainly does seem to cover all the bases, one might find themselves asking, “What about the Chudos’?”

In the small southern town of Yavne sits an Events Hall that would have been perfect for the wedding party celebration that Daniel Chudos and his fiancé, Mira, had envisioned. The couple booked the hall and as the big day approached, everything seemed to be going smoothly. When Daniel Chudos answered his phone to find one of the Event Hall owners on the other end, he could not have possibly guessed what would come next.

After being forbidden by their Rabbi to allow the Chudos the use of the hall, the owners of the venue promptly revoked the hopeful couple’s rental agreement. “Why would they do this?” you might be asking––simply stated, because of their Messianic faith.

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